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SRM 85
May 1, 2002

Room 1 Review

Room 1 (and Division 1 as a whole) was dominated by derkuci, who finished the night with 1586.05 points, almost 200 points above the score of the next highest coder in Division 1. derkuci began his dominance early, spending only 40 minutes to complete the three problems during the Coding Phase for a total of 1436.05 points. This score by itself would have been sufficient to achieve top score of the night, although at this point he was closely followed by SnapDragon (1420.51 points), malpt (1404.20 points), and John Dethridge (1391.89).

derkuci proceeded to pad his initially tiny lead by wreaking havoc among 250 point submissions during the Challenge Phase. By identifying a similar mistake in the 250 point submissions of SnapDragon, malpt, and anr, derkuci managed to boost his score by 150 points while at the same time decreasing the scores of his two closest competitors by over 200 points each.

John Dethridge and reid each managed to put in solid performances. John Dethridge obtained 1391.89 in the Coding Phase, which earned him second place in Room 1 and across Division 1. reid earned 1260.93 points in the Coding Phase, which was sufficient for third place in Room 1.

There were some lackluster performances as well.

ambrose mistakenly submitted as his solution for the 450 point problem code which overrided its input with a hard-coded test case. After alerting the others of the existence of such a mistake during the Intermission, the challenge of his submission was snapped up by SnapDragon. ZorbaTHut and NDBronson both failed to submit a solution for the 1000 point problem, earning them the last two places in the room. NDBronson, in an uncharacteristically poor performance, lost his 450 point submission during the System Test Phase, due to a minor mistake. As a result he also lost top ranking among all coders, a title now held by dmwright (who did not compete tonight).

By Logan
TopCoder Member