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SRM 78
April 9, 2002

Room 1 Review

dmwright won top honors in SRM 78, edging out top ranked NDBronson by submitting all three problems successfully for 1308.41 and then taking the lead during the challenge phase by successfully challenging dgarthur's CleanupCrew and bigg_nate's pinball, for a total of 1408.41, giving him second overall (to SnapDragon with 1483.30).

NDBronson was true to his usual form in this match, with the third highest score overall. ambrose , erdos, and bigg_nate, however, did not fair so well, each receiving points only for the easy problem, resulting in big ratings drops of 150+ points.

In addition, jonmac and ZorbaTHut, the number 2 and number 3 coders were absent tonight. jonmac, last year's 2001 Invitational winner, was rumored to be playing tennis.

By lbackstrom
TopCoder Member