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SRM 102
Monday, July 1, 2002

Rookie Review

SRM 102 had 4 rooms containing first-time coders. Room 35 was won by bstanescu who was the only rookie to solve all three problems correctly. He also successfully challenged mattk's level 2 problem for a total of 1213.28 points. This vaulted him into the middle of the Yellow division with an initial rating of 1800. This is the 23rd highest initial rating of all time. Room 35 was also the most competitive of the rookie rooms: 6 out of the 10 coders in this room solved at least 2 problems.

Besides bstanescu, six other rookie coders managed to get into Division-I on their first try: Fyokla finished second among rookies with 636.09 points, giving him a rating an initial rating of 1579. Third was harry with 634.88 points (initial rating of 1560), fouth was jacobius with 565.19 points (initial rating of 1353), fifth was hamada with 551.84 points (initial rating of 1290), sixth was drewshaver with 546.03 points (initial rating of 1256), and seventh was redpoint with 532.78 points (initial rating of 1242).

jdandr2 was able to win room 34 with 421.04 points.

By Penwiper
TopCoder Member