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SRM 101
June 26, 2002

Room 1 Review

Coding Phase

SRM 101 was a unique match for Room 1, as each coder turned in a perfect performance. Eight of the nine coders submitted solutions to the Level 1 problem at the four or five minute mark (doeth, the ninth, did not start until 13 minutes into the contest). Of these first eight submissions, SnapDragon's was fastest, scoring him 221.60 points. However, this did not give him all that great of a lead, as the slowest submissiom from dmwright was worth just five points less.

bigg_nate and SnapDragon then raced to be the first to complete the Level 2 problem. bigg_nate came in first with 414.26 points for his submission, and this was followed seconds later by SnapDragon for 410.56 points. At this point bigg_nate lead SnapDragon by a mere 0.16 points. radeye and Yarin were next, and their submissions were followed by doeth's first submission of the night (which was very nearly as fast as SnapDragon's first submission). malpt and ZorbaTHut were next to submit their Level 2 solutions.

SnapDragon then completed the problem set only two minutes after ZorbaTHut submitted his second solution, scoring an incredible 848.20 points on the Level 3 problem. This gave him an impressive total of 1480.36, nearly impossible for any other coder to obtain at this point. John Dethridge and doeth's Level 2 solutions shortly followed, with doeth getting the highest score on the Level 2 problem, putting him in second place for the moment. Only dmwright remained to complete the Level 2 problem, having started on the Level 3 problem after the Level 1 problem instead.

Yarin was second to complete the problem set, scoring an amazing 837.83 points on the Level 3 problem. This was not enough to take the lead, as SnapDragon scored more points than Yarin on each of the three problems, but it put him not far behind at 1439.88 points. bigg_nate and dmwright followed with their Level 3 submissions, for far fewer points. As bigg_nate was third to complete the problem set, this temporarily gave him third place.

Things were quiet for about 10 minutes until Yarin was forced to resubmit his Level 1 solution. This devastated his score, dropping him to 1210.45 points and third place. radeye and bigg_nate then submitted their Level 3 solutions. bigg_nate scored 675.44 points for his solution, giving him third place and pushing Yarin down to fourth. John Dethridge closely followed with his Level 3 solution.

Next was dmwright's Level 2 submission, putting him less than three points ahead of John Dethridge. malpt and ZorbaTHut struggled on the Level 3 problem, and were the last two to finish (ZorbaTHut finishing with less than two minutes remaining in the Coding Phase). All nine coders completed the problem set.

As there were no challenges at all during the Challenge Phase, and every submission passed all the system tests, the scores at the end of the Coding Phase were the final scores. A bizzarely impressive and intense performance from Room 1.

At the end of the Coding Phase, the scores were:

  1. SnapDragon - 1480.36
  2. bigg_nate - 1307.76
  3. doeth - 1217.35
  4. Yarin - 1210.45
  5. radeye - 1128.19
  6. dmwright - 1105.73
  7. John Dethridge - 1102.80
  8. malpt - 1075.53
  9. ZorbaTHut - 974.77

By Logan
TopCoder Member