Meet the Community Team Admins

Admin - Nick Bio


Full Name:Nick Castillo
Title:The Greatest Showman

Nick has been a part of the community team since 2015 and has enjoyed meeting members virtually as well as in person. You may have remember seeing him in India, Indonesia, Argentina, or Spain, as well as any of the TCO Finals in the past five years. Nick is a showman and wants to bring quality entertainment to the masses. So whether it is appearing in live videos, emceeing the Topcoder Open Regionals and Finals, or assisting in building online experiences, he is your man.

Fun Fact: Since Nick has moved to San Diego, California he tries to spend his free time at the beach with friends. This lead to him learning how to play Spikeball and now he’s pretty good at it! Oh, and he also moonlights as a Karaoke DJ some nights.

Admin - Harshit Bio


Full Name:Harshit Mehta
Title:Algorithms-SRM Enthusiast and Regional TCO Guy!

Harshit was born to work with the community. He was a competitor at first and then joined Topcoder as an Evangelist in 2014. He is the go-to guy for SRMs, TCO Regionals, and University events. He always has the community in the forefront of his mind and has amazing visions and ideas for improving things as well as pumping up TCO. Contact him anytime and he will try his best to help you become better at Topcoder.

Fun Fact: If you ever meet Harshit in person during a university event or at a TCO Regional, ask him for a Butter Chicken treat and he will surely say yes. He loves traveling and did theater during his younger days.

Admin - Jessie Bio


Full Name:Jessie D’Amato Ford
Title:Global Community Lead & TCO Queen

Jessie has been part of the Topcoder community since 2005. She leads the community team and manages the Topcoder Open as the TCO Queen (a title she reluctantly accepted a long time ago…!). Working remotely from a small beachside town in Connecticut,USA, Jessie is working mom to two amazing kiddos who definitely keep her busy. A family girl at heart, she truly loves the community as her extended family and does her best to always keep their best interests top of mind.

Fun fact: Jessie may be an adult but is far from it as she loves doing handstands in her living room, having dance parties in her kitchen, and knows all the lyrics to pretty much every Disney song by heart.

Admin - Fajar Bio


Full Name:Fajar Maulana Harahap
Title:Design Evangelist and The Human Food BOT

Fajar has been aware of Topcoder since 2007 when he heard that one of his friends in college won $15K from a Topcoder tournament. It took him a year before having the courage to register and participate in Topcoder competitions. When he won his first competition, the cash prize he received was three times more than what he was getting at his current job and at that moment he knew that this was the opportunity to change his life forever. Since then Fajar has tried various community positions at Topcoder, from working as a UI Prototype reviewer, Spec Reviewer, Studio Promotor, Design Screener, Design Copilot, MVP, and now he is taking a new role as Topcoder’s Design Evangelist. If you ever need him, you can easily find him hanging out and eating some snacks while on Slack, in the forums, email, and social media.

Fun Fact: If you ever meet Fajar in person, you will never expect that Fajar won a group dancing competition back in 2012.

Admin - Honghao Bio


Full Name:Honghao Wang
Title:Development Evangelist and a Video Game Enthusiast

Honghao came to the Topcoder community when he was still a third-year college student in 2009. Originally he was an SRM guy but changed his focus to more of a development competitor since 2013. Honghao was intermittently competing until 2015, the year he graduated as a Ph.D. and since then, he became fully active on Topcoder and experienced different roles such as working as a competitor, reviewer, copilot, MVP and Development Evangelist nowadays. Besides Topcoder, he is a game developer and working for a game company. If you need him, you can easily find him in Slack, email, and the forums, but the best way might be, through the chat lobby of a video game!

Fun fact: The best benefit of working for a game company is you can feel free to play games in the work time.

Admin - Daniela Bio


Full Name:Daniela
Title:Design Copilot and Community Superhelper

Daniela has been a member of Topcoder since 2010. She started as a newbie design competitor and worked her way up and then moved toward the Information Architect track. Daniela has also helped with the Topcoder Blog and recently became a copilot. Besides that, she has served as a CAB member in 2016 and handles the Topcoder Design benches. Daniela loves the community, helping the members, and working with the admins to improve the Topcoder platform and processes, so if you ever need her, feel free to write her on Slack or email.

Fun Fact: Although you will never hear her singing, when traveling by the car, she invents ad-hoc hilarious music lyrics with rhythm and rhyme.

Admin - Seeta Bio


Full Name:Seeta Kaur
Title:Design Copilot and Community Superhelper

Seeta joined Topcoder in 2008 by coincidence and since then it’s been history. Her first trip abroad was attending TCO in Las Vegas. She has evolved from a designer to studio admin, where her aim was helping and educating studio designers to understand how to compete at Topcoder.