December 14, 2018 A Year in Review: 10 of Topcoder’s Best Stories From 2018

It’s been a banner year for Topcoder. In 2018, we announced exciting partnerships, launched game-changing new offerings, grew our community to over 1.4 million members, and delivered award-winning (!) results for some of the biggest names in both the private and public sector. Without further ado, here’s a holiday gift that keeps on giving: 10 of our biggest stories of 2018. Cozy up to your screen with a cup of eggnog and scroll to your heart’s content.

#1: Macy’s Design Thinking Experiment at NRF: Accelerating Innovation with Crowdsourcing

During the National Retail Federation’s “Big Show” in New York City, Topcoder reimagined the online retail experience for Macy’s with a live, crowdsourced design thinking exploration. In under 48 hours, we delivered 18 unique design concepts and over 180 unique screens for a new

#2: A Lasting Legacy: Creating an Online Memorial for Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery Administration worked with Topcoder to change how we remember Veterans by immortalizing their memory in an online memorial platform called the Veterans Legacy Memorial. This online memorial will create a lasting legacy for veterans and their families and is expected to be released by Memorial Day, 2019.

#3: Examining Your New Website’s Needs Through the Lens of Content with Verblio & Topcoder

This year, we partnered with Verblio, the leader in crowdsourced content. Content is one of the most difficult, niche aspects of marketing, and Verblio makes it easy for agencies and enterprises alike to get high-quality, cost-effective content from a talented crowd of U.S.-based writers.

#4: GigScaler + Topcoder Get Design Results for The Asor Collective

We worked with our partner, GigScaler — a business that connects clients to crowdsourcing talent resources and platforms — to help their client, The Asor Collective — a fashion industry disruptor that helps entrepreneurs in the fashion space grow and strengthen their brands, products, and services — get a unique, high-quality logo, letterhead design, a branding promo pack, and comprehensive branding guidelines.

#5: 3 New Topcoder Solutions in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Topcoder arrived in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace back in September — beginning with our Ask the Azure Expert solution. Need some expert advice as to which tool or solution to implement? Want best practices to integrate a specific Azure-based solution? Looking for technical expertise to help solve a problem? You can now get Azure-specific help for free from Topcoder.

#6: 4 Reasons Why ConsenSys Diligence Chooses Topcoder

ConsenSys Diligence, a branch of ConsenSys, is helping people do more (and more securely) in the Ethereum ecosystem. They accelerated their go-to-market strategy with crowdsourced development from Topcoder. We spoke with Bernhard Mueller, Security Engineer at ConsenSys, about the benefits of getting development work done with crowdsourcing and the added technical expertise Topcoder provides.

#7: Creating a Drag-and-Drop Design Studio for Quickpath Analytics

Quickpath Analytics helps organizations make intelligent business decisions. And in order to make their user experience intuitive and interactive to data engineers and data scientists in a quick, affordable way, Quickpath came to Topcoder to explore the speed, optionality, and quality provided by crowdsourcing. We spoke with Quickpath Co-Founder Alex Fly about his experience with our platform and their vision for Quickpath’s future.

#8: How Do You Get a Business-Ready Chatbot in Just Weeks?

In 2018, IBM and Topcoder partnered to make chatbots accessible for businesses of all sizes. IBM offers technologies that enhance customer experiences, and Topcoder has certified developers available on demand. Check out a webinar with IBM and Topcoder and find out how to get a ready-to-deploy chatbot in weeks rather than months.

#9: Introducing Spigit and Topcoder, Partners in Innovation

Together, Spigit, the world’s leading provider of full life cycle idea management software, and Topcoder can help organizations make digital transformation not just possible, but also painless. See how Spigit and Topcoder can take you from aha! moment to finished product.

#10: Open Assembly and Topcoder on the State of Crowdsourcing

This fall, we teamed up with Open Assembly, a premier strategy and innovation consultancy, for a report on the state of crowdsourcing. Download the free report and see how whole cities, businesses, and universities save money and time, experiment more, and go faster with crowdsourcing.

BONUS: Bringing the NASA ISS Food Intake Tracker App to Life

Surprise! Last but certainly not least, hear from Topcoder member and copilot Paulo Vitor Magacho da Silva on our award-winning NASA ISS Food Intake Tracker app — and particularly his experience on the project from start to finish.

Happy holidays from Topcoder! Inspired to get started on your next project with the world’s premier on-demand talent network?

Jiordan Castle

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