November 14, 2018 Open Assembly and Topcoder on the State of Crowdsourcing

For some, crowdsourcing is a black box — a delivery model that sits somewhere between crowdfunding (nope) and outsourcing (closer). For those in the know, it’s a proven way to get work done by top talent: no geographical constraints and virtually limitless scalability.
Topcoder has been pioneering digital transformation and innovation through global crowdsourcing since the early 2000s. Companies such as NASA, Harvard, IBM, HPE, Macy’s, Land O’Lakes, and countless others have tapped into our on-demand talent network and crowdsourcing platform to achieve everything from a simple logo design to an enterprise mobile app, and then some. Crowdsourcing continues to evolve, and more organizations and individuals than ever before can see major business benefits from it.

A new report on the state of crowdsourcing from industry pioneers

And if you don’t know much about the how of crowdsourcing or the benefits of crowdsourcing over traditional agencies or in-house resources… that’s a bridge we’re here to help you cross with the right resources. And if you’re already familiar with crowdsourcing but want to see some use cases that resonate with your business or industry — if you’re curious to see where crowdsourcing is going and if it’s the bullet train you want to get on — have we got a report for you.
In the newest quarterly report from Open Assembly, a premier strategy and innovation consultancy, in partnership with Topcoder, you’ll hear from crowdsourcing leaders like our own Mike Morris (CEO of Topcoder), John Winsor (CEO and Founder of Open Assembly), and others on the current and future state of crowdsourcing. Learn how whole cities, businesses, and universities save money and time, experiment more, and go faster with crowdsourcing.
Where will crowdsourcing take your business next? Click on the banner below to download the free report.

Jiordan Castle

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