July 11, 2018 Introducing Spigit and Topcoder, Partners in Innovation

Rarely are decisions at a company made in a vacuum. (Silos, perhaps; vacuums, no.) It takes a great deal of resources to bring any one idea to fruition — whether it’s a marketing campaign or a brand-new mobile app. But that can mean time wasted filtering out bad ideas, chasing ideas that don’t pan out, and stretching internal teams thin in the process.
Now, there’s a smarter way to go from idea to execution. Spigit and Topcoder have partnered to help companies go from light bulb moment to finished product, with fewer headaches and greater speed.

Spigit and Topcoder: taking you from aha! moment to finish line

While surfacing and acting on good ideas can be difficult enough with limited internal resources and cutting-edge technical skills, getting prototypes and products to market fast enough to meet customer demands is equally challenging. Together, Spigit, the world’s leading provider of full life cycle idea management software, and Topcoder, the global leader in crowdsourcing and the world’s largest talent network, can help organizations make digital transformation not just possible, but also painless.
The partnership will enable companies to explore and vet their best ideas with Spigit by engaging with internal employees, partners, and even customers, and then execute immediately on those ideas with Topcoder. Clients will go straight from ideation on the Spigit platform into a design and prototyping sprint with Topcoder, where our network of more than one million designers, developers, and data scientists will then compete to deliver winning design concepts, prototypes, and clickable apps.

Better ideas, faster execution, and more wins

How does it work?

For more information on Topcoder’s new partnership with Spigit, read the official press release.
Ready to tap into ideation and innovation with Topcoder and Spigit? Reach out to us and we’ll help you get started right away.

Jiordan Castle

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