September 14, 2018 3 New Topcoder Solutions in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Today, the Microsoft Azure Marketplace is one of the most trusted, convenient destinations for your solution, software, and consulting needs — all certified and optimized to run on Azure. With apps ranging from SaaS to blockchain and consulting services specializing in everything from AI to data analytics, the Azure Marketplace is a one-stop shop for today’s most cutting-edge solutions and support.
Now for our big news: Topcoder is coming to the Azure Marketplace this month! We’re launching three brand-new solutions exclusive to Azure. These solutions are unlike anything else available in the marketplace today, with access to technical expertise and Azure-specific value-adds. They are:

  • Ask the Azure Expert
  • Azure Data Insights and Visualization
  • Azure QA Test Cycles

Here’s a look at what each solution entails, and how it can benefit your business and add value to any Azure solutions you already have in place.

Ask the Azure Expert

Need some expert advice as to which tool or solution to implement? Want best practices to integrate a specific Azure-based solution? Looking for technical expertise to help solve a problem? With Ask the Azure Expert from Topcoder, you can get a free, customized technical recommendation to help grow your business on top of Azure.

Not only is access to an Azure expert free, but you also get recommendations quickly — and from multiple developers. In total, you’ll receive:

  • Multiple documented responses to your Azure question or problem within 48 hours of your free project kickoff.
  • The option to add on a Topcoder design, development, or data science project to quickly build on your documented ideas and solutions.

Simply put, Ask an Azure Expert is an easy way to quickly get Azure answers and insights when you need them — no strings attached. Check it out now in the Azure Marketplace.

Azure Data Insights and Visualization

Your data is only as good as what you do with it. And with Azure Data Insights and Visualization from Topcoder, you can more easily generate and visualize deep insights into the data produced by your Azure solutions. More specifically, you can rapidly develop multiple data analysis approaches, as well as a data visualization dashboard to operationalize your preferred approach. With Azure Data Insights and Visualization, you’ll receive:

  • Extract, transform, and load (ETL) one prepared data set.
  • One crowdsourced data ideation cycle to produce multiple ideas, insights, and approaches to enriching and visualizing your data.
  • A visualization dashboard designed and developed with Power BI (or the tool of your choice) to display data from your Azure solution.
  • “Runbook” documentation.
  • The option to add on a predictive analytics cycle to develop an algorithm that predicts future trends based on your data.

Starting at $28,000, you can get more out of your Azure solutions and make better, data-driven decisions for your business with Azure Data Insights and Visualization. (Coming soon to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.)

Azure QA Test Cycles

Testing. Everyone needs it, but not every team has the internal resources or know-how for it. With Azure QA Test Cycles from Topcoder, you can rapidly complete test cycles and generate more comprehensive QA results right away. You’ll get 24/7, on-demand access to our global talent network of QA experts — all ready to quickly and affordably complete test cycles in any environment or locale. In addition to the world’s largest network of developers and QA engineers, you’ll also receive:

  • User experience flaws and bugs identified in 3-4-day QA cycles.
  • Bug reports/issues delivered to the repository or documentation format of your choice.
  • All issues validated by weight, severity, or classification.
  • The option to add a Topcoder “Bug Bash” to quickly resolve validated issues.

Starting at just $3,000, Azure QA Test Cycles can help you not only document flaws and issues quickly, but also resolve them in record time. (Coming soon to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.)

Try Topcoder in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

The right insights, expertise, and cost-effective solutions are difficult to come by. Simplify! And do more with your data, Azure solutions, and resources by tapping into Topcoder’s talent network through the Azure Marketplace.
While you’re waiting for our Azure Data Insights and Visualization and Azure QA Test Cycles solutions to launch, get started with Ask the Azure Expert from Topcoder today.

Jiordan Castle


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