September 30, 2022 Topcoder Recognized on Constellation ShortList as Top Gig Economy Platform for the Enterprise in 2022

Constellation recently named Topcoder as a Top Gig Economy Platform for the Enterprise. 

Gig workers will account for 35-40% of the global workforce by 2025 according to Gartner. As the gig economy continues to grow, business leaders are searching for solutions to their workforce needs. And, we’re here to support the enterprises of the present and the future! By providing verified talent as well as project managers and copilots for projects, we’re helping businesses be more flexible, innovative, and resilient. 

So, what does it mean to be a top gig economy platform?

Constellation named Topcoder as a Top 12 Solution to Know in 2022. These solutions, according to Constellation, “bring together online hiring and employment processes with supporting features…to deliver on a newer, richer, nimbler form of employment.” Here are a few of the criteria Constellation uses to determine its shortlist:

  • Administrative controls and configuration/customization features
  • Analytics/metrics/dashboards/visualizations of gig work and projects
  • Responsive user experience and mobile apps
  • Performance management features
  • Compliance/governance features, tax withholding, background checks, and certifications
  • And more

Providing Companies with a Workforce Solution from Start to Finish

Beyond offering verified talent to organizations, Topcoder offers a start-to-finish solution. Topcoder provides individuals or teams that match the exact specifications of each project. In addition, copilots and project managers are assigned to projects to guide them to completion successfully and act as the liaison between companies and talent. 

Additional Topcoder capabilities include tracking, communication, and payment details. Working in the gig economy since 2001, security is built into Topcoder’s platform and processes with regards to financial and other sensitive information such as IP.

Global Leaders in the Gig Economy 

We are honored to be named by Constellation as a Top 12 Gig Economy Platform for the Enterprise in 2022! Combining our longtime experience with top global talent and a cutting-edge platform allows us to support enterprises to scale their projects and embrace a more flexible workforce.

Lauren Hawkins

Guest Blogger

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