July 2, 2021 An Interview with Srajas on his Gig Worker Experience

“Gig work makes me more comfortable economically.  My work is rewarded.”


Thinking about joining the league of talented Topcoder gig workers? Check out Raja’s [srajas] experience with his current gig, which he is happy to share with you. 

Raja joined Topcoder as a UI developer in 2014. His areas of expertise are HTML, CSS and Javascript frontend frameworks, and Salesforce development. For the past ten months, since July 2020, he has been working a full-time gig in Salesforce at Telstra in Bangalore, India. 

Raja landed the gig by completing two eligible challenges for Salesforce Lightning. After he cleared the second level he was interviewed by the client then hired. Topcoder has been as supportive as possible to Raja through the whole process. From help with onboarding, IDs and other assets, and more, workers can rely on Topcoder to aid with their transition to the gig.   

Raja’s photo

At the time of this writing Raja is fully integrated into the Telstra Australis team as a Salesforce Devops Engineer. The team consists of eight to ten developers, four QAs, one FTL and Scrum. Business Analysts ask them to estimate JIRA user stories for the sprint. Raja’s responsibility is working on Salesforce Lightning components and completing the user stories within the sprint, rostered for devops activities like deployments and production incident support.

I contested in the two eligible challenges for Salesforce Lightning. I cleared the second level, was interviewed by the client, then I joined the gig

When asked what he likes the most and the least about this current gig, Raja stated that the best part is that gig work makes him more comfortable economically and his work is rewarded. He could not come up with something that he likes the least, which we are taking as a great sign! 

If you are interested in gig work please check out the current opportunities.

We asked Raja to share a giphy or emojis expressing how he feels about his gig work: 


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