May 21, 2021 Freelance Gig Work: An Inside Look with [irohitgoyal]

Tell us a little about yourself. 
Hey there! I am Rohit Goyal (TC handle : irohitgoyal) from India, a software engineer and tech enthusiast. I carry extensive experience in programming with accomplishment in building scalable products in the Information Technology industry.

What Gig did you land at Topcoder?
The gig at Topcoder is a full-time gig with Australian telecom giant Telstra, the gig duration is more than six months. Here, I work on developing different microservices architectural components with Java and Cloud technology stack.

How was the process to apply to the gig?
The entire process of landing the gig was smooth. I started by applying at the gig work portal, which was followed by technical screening and a few rounds of  interviews from the client. Once the feedback from the client was positive the offer was released.

How did you integrate into the customer’s team?
The team here shares a good camaraderie, we interact with each other daily on a call and then start working.

What did your work involve exactly? What were you in charge of?
My daily work is about the technical aspect of the product. This  mainly involves gathering client requirements and then working on developing scalable and robust microservices for both frontend and backend. I am in charge of designing and developing these services that interact with different client systems.

What is the thing you liked the most about this Gig? What is the thing you liked the least?
I am inquisitive about learning new skills and the thing that I like here is that it provided me with an opportunity to learn how the integration of the components can be managed with proper auditing in place. There are a lot of things one can explore here. On the other hand, sometimes there are meetings that get stretched long and this is what I like the least.

Is there anything the Topcoder team can do to support you and other members more when applying to a gig? 
On a general note, I believe that there should be more gigs that do not have location or time zone constraints so that members are free to work as per their convenient time and communicate on Slack rather than Skype / MS Teams call.

If you were to describe your Gig Work experience in 2-3 sentences only, how would you describe it?
The overall experience from applying to landing the gig was effortless and well managed. Also there are plenty of gig work and events happening at Topcoder which ultimately help build a good community.  

Feel free to share any giphy image or emoticons to describe how you felt while being on the gig. 🙂    
Excited to be part of the community.


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