May 14, 2021 Freelance Gig Work: An Inside Look with [shahanuj4u]

Tell us a little about yourself
My name is Anuj Shah and you can find me with my Topcoder handle, shahanuj4u. My native home is in India but for the last two years I have been in Malaysia. I am a Salesforce enthusiast and Salesforce certified Application Architect and System Architect. As a tech guy, I always like to design and implement high performance, highly scalable solutions for any given task. I am a strong believer of “sharing is caring” and am always keen to contribute towards the Salesforce community and always ready with helping hands whenever needed. I am leading the Salesforce Developer Community with 350+ Salesforce developers in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. I will make sure that all community members get the best out of this community group and boost their knowledge and grow their professional network.

What Gig did you land at Topcoder? 
I am working a full time freelance gig as a AMP Salesforce Integration Developer working remotely for 8-10 weeks.

How was the process to apply to the gig?
The process for applying is very easy and straightforward. We get all the details about gigs on Topcoder so we can match our skills with the gig’s requirements. If those are a perfect match then just we need to fill out one small form about our personal details and that’s done.

How did you integrate into the customer’s team?
I worked as an integration developer and we had daily calls with our customers to understand their requirements. We use MS Teams and Outlook, Jira and confluence for various communication and collaboration. 

What does your work involve exactly? What are you in charge of?
My work at this gig mainly focuses on enabling integration between multiple systems of our client. Our team is developing various API interfaces to communicate various systems with each other seamlessly. 

What is the thing you liked the most about this Gig? What is the thing you liked the least?
This gig has a very unique way of working and collaborating with other teams. All the team members are very supportive and this gig has followed all the best practices in terms of Salesforce Implementation. This is the part that I liked best. I cannot remember much about the things I like the least. Sometimes we need to support a few extra hours but working here is really fun and holds a lot of opportunity for learning.

Is there anything the Topcoder team can do to support you and other members more when applying to a gig? 
The Topcoder team is always there to support during each phase of the gig. I have contacted Topcoder teams for various clarifications and help. I am glad to say that all my doubts and issues were addressed and resolved very quickly. The Topcoder team is proactive with their work and doing their best to create a vibrant community.

If you were to describe your Gig Work experience in 2-3 sentences only, how would you describe it?
This gig work experience was fantastic. I got the opportunity to learn more, collaborate more, enhance my network, and more than that now I am part of a vibrant Topcoder community. Glad to connect with you all.

Feel free to share any giphy image or emoticons to describe how you felt while being on the gig. 🙂 


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