September 16, 2016 Topcoder Monthly: The Community Video Newsletter – September 2016

September, Septiembre, Ku-gatsu… it doesn’t matter how you say it, it’s how ya play it! September is an amazing month. Students fill their noggins with knowledge, NFL fans fill their plates with chicken wings and Topcoder??? Well, we fill the month up with some really exciting news and even some ‘Stranger Things’!

This month’s Topcoder Monthly Video Newsletter is one of the best yet. With video highlights from around the globe including footage from our TCO regional events, you’re going to want to hear what Topcoder evangelist Nick Castillo is bringing you this month!

You MUST watch the video to the end to witness an incredible stage performance. No spoilers, just get prepared to dance is all:

Top Design & Development Segments You Won’t Want to Miss:

  • Amazing footage of TCO India and TCO Indonesia – Watch that video above!
  • HPE Blitz Build Phase is underway with ~ $14,000 in NEW bonus payouts – YES!
  • Very successful Topcoder designer DaraK penned this helpful article focused on how YOU can succeed in Topcoder design challenges – Read her article

Till next month Topcoders! Have a great September and we’ll see you soon!

VP, Marketing


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