March 17, 2022 Topcoder Supports Eastern European Community Members

We have been communicating with all of our Topcoder members in Ukraine and the surrounding countries to make sure they know what help we have available to them. I’m proud to say we have been able to connect folks, send funding through an organization to help them get to safety, and continue boosting the opportunities on our platform for members to earn and grow. 

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The Topcoder community is our greatest asset. We rely on our global community to help solve problems every day and in return, we make it our mission to provide opportunities to encourage members to learn, earn, and connect on our platform.

We are always sensitive to what’s happening in the world and we truly care. Our community has come together to provide assistance to those in need in the Europe region regardless of their nationality, their activity on the platform, or how high their Topcoder rating is. When things get tough, we come together to help one another.

Our promise to our community is that when times are hard, no matter where in the world, we will try to lend a helping hand and we’ll also continue to share and promote opportunities. There is always someone out there that needs to earn an income, that wants to grow their skills or needs a place to go for encouragement, camaraderie, or connection. You can count on the Topcoder community. We are here for you.

We will continue to reach out to our members and offer whatever help we can. Please do not hesitate to connect with me or my team if we can help you.

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