September 15, 2016 HPE Living Progress Challenge – Next Phase Begins! Crowdsourcing Social Good Applications

In early August the Design Phase of HPE’s Living Progress Challenge wrapped up with an amazing live demo-day that was hosted at New Lab in Brooklyn, NY.

Ten teams, the finalists in HPE’s expansive social good innovation program, showcased their app prototypes and MVPs for all attendees live on-stage, and for the world to see via a livestream feed.

If you’d like to understand what it felt like to be there live that day, we recommend you see this article focused on the feelings, emotion, and passion that went into all of these projects and live pitches.

The Living Progress Challenge began with over 130 proposals crowdsourced from across the globe. Seventeen finalist teams then used Topcoder to design and develop their solutions in only 12 weeks, culminating in the aforementioned demo day in Brooklyn where the final 10 teams pitched their solutions live!

Meet the Final Four – HPE Living Progress Challenge

From that amazing event, four teams were selected to move on to the next phase in this stellar innovation program. Learn more about each team below and watch the pitch they delivered live that landed them in this incredible final four!

Mentor ME

Increasing Access to Mentor Programs and Improving Lives


Points of Light: Social Volunteer Discovery

Using Data and Modern Design to Make Volunteering Easier and Better

World Wildlife Federation and Traffic: Detect IT:Fish

Tackling Illegal Trade of Fisheries Products with Customs Data

Pact: Worth 2.0

Digitizing Women’s Community Savings Groups


Now, for these four teams, HPE’s Living Progress Challenge continues on!


HPE’s Living Progress Challenge Build Phase Kicks-Off on Topcoder

The aforementioned ‘final four’ will now take their respective solutions and continue to build them out through crowdsourcing challenges in the Topcoder Marketplace.

Once again, these innovators will be leaning on you, our Topcoder Community, to provide them quality code, designs, iterations and improvements on their initial prototype, helping them march closer to market!

The Build Phase of HPE’s Living Progress Challenge will feature over 40 challenges and have an estimated bonus prize pool of $14,000! That is of course on top of the prize monies that can be won for each individual challenge. And yes, challenges in the Build Phase are live, right now!

Be on the lookout for challenges with the words Living Progress in the challenge title.

Finally, never miss an important HPE Living Progress Challenge update. We’ve made it easy for you to get notified when any challenge in this series goes live on Topcoder.

We want to say good luck to both our Topcoder Community and to the four remaining teams in the HPE Living Progress Challenge! Have fun taking these innovative solutions further down the development life-cycle through crowdsourcing. We can’t wait to see the final results!

VP, Marketing


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