August 16, 2018 TCO18 Indonesia Regional Event Yogyakarta Recap: Part 1

DAY 1: The beginning

The TCO18 Indonesia Regional Event was held at the Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel for the third time and this was the fourth year Topcoder came to Yogyakarta.  Designers all over Indonesia came and participated in design challenges to win prize money and that golden ticket to the TCO Finals in the United States in Dallas, Texas.

Look how happy hmehta is on the registration desk.

Check-in and registration started early and attendees were queueing from the very beginning. Hmehta, petetebe and idblack made sure that everyone get their Topcoder t-shirt and sticker plus their name-tag.

Regional Design Event Yogyakarta

Who was there?

2018 Design MVPs: fajar.mln, gh3ablo and yoki
Topcoder Design Month Trip Giveaway winners: iamtong and armaan6651
A number of members who flew in from Medan and other states: petetebe, hasanozie, iqbalhood, ibrahimhrp, riopurba, sandesign01, egislr, brianbinar, gusnendar, and aveef

gh3ablo flew in to attend this event!

At the venue, there were fabulous Topcoder colors vividly shining floor to ceiling creating a whole new atmosphere. At the back side of venue, Topcoder Design Month Poster Challenge Winners were on display.

Topcoder Design Month Poster Winners

After chit-chatting with attendees, hmehta kicked off the event followed by adroc presenting what is Topcoder, how it works, what tracks available in Topcoder, and how they can join Topcoder. Without further adieu, adroc invited all of the attendees to try to compete on the challenges which showed how the real challenges at Topcoder will be, of course with money prizes and the grand prizes two golden ticket to TCO18 Onsite Final in Dallas, Texas.

Do you want a challenge? Now, it’s time for Rapid UX1!

Game time

The first Rapid UX challenge launched in the morning and it was to design an insurance dashboard for John Hancock with the provided information and wireframe. This app will allow a customer to explore their various insurance accounts, manage information, make payments, and update policy information.
After an hour the challenge was done and all the attendees took a break for lunch while adroc and tgerring reviewed all the design submissions so they can provide feedback and select the winners.

Look how serious the attendees are!

With their minds recharged, all of the attendees were invited to join a design workshop to review the top 20 designs that were submitted earlier. Then winners were announced.
Next up Rapid UX 2 was launched which was a continuation from the previous challenge. The goal of this challenge was to design the look and feel of a mobile life insurance app. The app will allow a customer to explore their various insurance accounts, manage information, make payments, and update policy information.
After Rapid UX 2 ended, another design marathon was announced by tgerring. This challenge was to run a total of 6 hours and split into 2 days. For the first part of the challenge, attendees were asked to design the next version of the Manulife/John Hancock Vitality Life Insurance mobile app. This is a self-service application that allows the user to view and manage their life insurance policy.
Everyone began concentrating on the problem to bring their unique ideas into life. You could definitely feel the pressure and how hot the competition was!
After long hours designing, submissions were sent in before day 1 of the TCO18 Indonesia Regional Event was closed out winner announcements of Rapid UX 2 Challenge, Trendsetter Challenge, and PixelPushers.

The crowd is working-hard to grab the prize.

djackmania is back again this year!

Topcoder has no age limit!

Design Month Trip Giveaway Winners

Day 1 Winner Recaps

Rapid UX Challenge 1 Winners
1st place,$100, aveef
2nd place, $50, nurpraditya
3rd place, $25, rahmatheruka

Rapid UX1 3rd place winner

Rapid UX1 2nd place winner

Rapid UX1 1st place winner

Rapid UX Challenge 2 Winners
1st place,$150, azispradana
2nd place, $100, deditrihermanto
3rd place, $50, laudepirera
PixelPusher Challenge Winner
1st place, $50, sammandanu
2nd place, $25, arifnurindra
Trendsetter Challenge Winner
1st place. $50, kolakpisang, 74 comments
2nd place, $25, nozhbitha, with 72 comments


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