August 24, 2022 Backing A Winner

Topcoder would like to take this opportunity to thank MongoDB for sponsoring this year’s in- person Regional Events in Delhi-NCR, India, Medan, Indonesia and Nigeria! To say that it’s an honor would be an understatement. 

Unless you’ve been living under a keyboard for the last fifteen years, MongoDB is the world’s most innovative and sought after document-oriented database. Their evolutionary developer data platform, an integrated suite of cloud database and data services, help to accelerate and simplify extraordinary volumes of input to be stored collectively, an impressive feat to say the least. The genesis of this top-tier powerhouse is one that Topcoder can appreciate, being that it all began with a problem that needed solving in 2007. At that time, a little-known company by the name of 10gen was trying to navigate through the woes of scalability and flexibility issues. Those worries were put to rest when the company brilliantly designed a database where all data is stored in a binary JSON-like format, making the processing of information immeasurably more fluid. And the rest as they say, is history.

More than 250 community members from communities in the regions attended the events in Delhi, Medan, and Nigeria. These events featured several sessions, moments, and stories that emphasized developer productivity and the importance of local developer communities. 

The events allowed developers in the regions to come together, learn, share, and make new friends.

During these events, attendees got introduced to MongoDB, its document-oriented approach to data modeling, and trending concepts like GraphQL with MongoDB Atlas. Sessions also included how you can utilize your skills to learn and earn on Topcoder Competitions. To back this, there were some inspiring member stories that showed how grit and passion could help you succeed in life.

The tie that binds MongoDB and Topcoder goes well beyond the call of technology and consolidating information. There’s an endearing sense of togetherness and harmony that both companies share. Each prides itself on finding diverse talent from all corners of the world who each bring a new and interesting perspective to the industry. It helps to share common ground and similarities in culture in an ever-evolving age. The Regional Events are Topcoder’s magnum opus, a work of outstanding creation. This annual event pushes the boundaries of innovation! With such a far-reaching platform and the help of its members, Topcoder has earned its place among the ranks. It is indeed a team effort.

And speaking of team, one of Topcoder’s former community managers, Harshit Mehta, is now growing his career at MongoDB. It’s a bittersweet situation, knowing that he is sorely missed on one side yet held in high regard by both brands. Never one to shy away from giving advice, Harshit’s continued collaborative efforts will always be appreciated. 

Moving forward, Topcoder plans to continue with its competitive spirit; showcasing tomorrow’s talent today! With the help of premier brands like MongoDB willing to support these events, the future’s looking bright! Thanks again MongoDB! You’ve truly backed a winner!

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