January 25, 2018 Introducing the 2018 Topcoder MVP Members!

We’re excited to announce our first-ever and new 2018 Topcoder MVP Members! What is Topcoder MVP? Well, this is a new program to replace and elevate the Topcoder Community Advisory Board (CAB). The Topcoder MVP program is a prestigious group of elite Topcoder members who represent our community. The program provides our MVPs opportunities to enjoy special perks, help improve the community, and grow professionally.
The nominations for 2018 were took place from Jan 4 to Jan 14, 2018. In such a short time, the Topcoder community team received many amazing nominations. This was a very tough decision for the team to make, selecting from many qualified nominations into 11 Topcoder MVP members. Like one of Topcoder Admin said that if possible she wanted to pick everyone as a Topcoder MVP. Unfortunately, due to limited number of spots only few are selected.
So, let’s meet our 11 Topcoder MVPs!
2018 Topcoder MVP Members

Thoughts on the MVPs

Here are some thoughts on why each MVP was nominated by Topcoder members when asked which MVP quality they best represented.
About Yoki
“Spirit: When I was starting at Topcoder I was losing plenty of challenges. Yoki reached out to me on facebook and gave me some advice to improve my performance. He wants to see people having success at Topcoder. He encourages us to improve and work harder.”
About ketzjs09
“Passion – He is passionate to sharing good stuff with other members in the Slack channel, also has a strong will to contribute to the community.”
About gorbunov
“Passion: Gorbunov is a veteran MM member for 12 years now and although until this year he never came to TCO and he has a full time job as a software developer, he kept his passion for community high and his will to help it grow is admirable. One could see that in his blogger articles from last year, his Post your Approach threads after the marathon matches and his offer to help the developers from support side to better understand how arena works so they can develop it better.”
About gh3ablo
“Dedication. Ghe has his own job but he can keep much of his time to be active in the community as well. I think he genuinely loves TC. He can maintain his own channel very well on Slack too.”
About birdofpreyru
“Hard work: while he is working on the support side now, helping Tony, he is always answering fast on Slack to our issues, fixing them and then notifying back, all while keeping a positive attitude.
Innovation: He is also detail oriented and comes with great proposals and feedback on how to improve things.”

Topcoder MVP Expectations

Topcoder MVP membership have terms of 12 months or even for lifetime as long as the expectations of the member are met. Each elite members are required to do the following task every calendar year:

  • Attend at least one virtual meeting per quarter (4 total)
  • Contribute to at least one blog post per quarter (4 total)
  • Attend at least one community event
  • Actively participate in the Topcoder forums and community slack channel
  • Consistently keep communications open with admins


We ask our selected MVP members what they feel about being the first and new 2018 Topcoder MVP members:

Congratulations and good luck for our new MVP members!
Find more about Topcoder MVP Program.

eriantoongko is a designer and art-addict from Indonesia. He likes to watch movies and maintain his nature tanks and garden apart from the design world.



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