October 8, 2019 Show your space winners!

Last month, here at Topcoder we ran a different type of contest! It was about the members showing their workspace on Instagram; as we are living and working in the gig economy, that gives us the freedom to basically work from anywhere, anytime, as long as we have our computer. However, most of us work at home the majority of time in a customized space.

Several studies have shown that workplace design affects our productivity and since our community works at top speed and high quality, the must follow some of these things well.

  1. Clean desk: It’s a known fact that in general a cluttered workspace can affect our productivity as we may have a harder time to find the things we need. Besides that, your ability to focus is restricted as there are multiple visual stimuli competing for your attention.
  2. Lighting: How many times have you worked at a computer and forgot how time went by? As many of us spend too much time indoors, natural light becomes critical as it improves health and wellness. In addition, the color of the room helps with concentration; blue and green being ideal as they are calming colors.
  3. Plants: They are known to reduce stress and help you recover faster from demanding activities. Some plants increase the oxygen level and reduce the indoor pollution. 
  4. Space personalization: Customizing your desk with photos of dear ones, calendars, or other elements, helps as long as it’s done in moderation and doesn’t create clutter.

We received a lot of great workspaces from our members. Congratulations to the winners!






Other cool submissions we received:

Thank you all for your submissions!


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