September 30, 2020 Get Ready for a New Kind of Development Challenge at Topcoder: RDMs

Looking for a new challenge? You’ll have to try our new RDMs.

Rapid Development Matches, RDMs, have arrived at Topcoder. RDMs are fast, timed software development competitions focused on ranking and scoring developers on code accuracy, speed, particular technologies, platforms, and development languages. The goal is clearly defined problems to be solved and requirements to be achieved.

Think of these RDMs as numbered challenges, similar to Algorithm Single Round Matches, SRMs, but developers and different technology stacks. They are for fun and will give you something to do during your down time, to improve your skills, or just show off something new you’ve learned.

If you want to learn more about our new RDMs, read all about them here.

Our first RDM is coming up on October 9 and registration is now open. Find that here.

Hey, want to be a problem writer? Check out this new opportunity to become a Topcoder RDM problem writer!

This is a great chance to get in on the first RDM and maybe you’ll find something new you’ll love to do.

Need more help?
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