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Challenge Overview


Competition Introduction

Welcome to our Topcoder Skill Builder Competition React! These competitions are designed for everyone to skill up, have fun, and earn more money through Topcoder Gigs and Competitions.
. Jump-in, build your skills and as always let us know what you think and where Topcoder can continue to improve and bring competitions that are meaningful to you.

Topcoder Skill Builder Competitions

  • Skill Builder Competitions will have three (3) problems (Easy, Medium, and Hard) to solve. Allowing you to submit and learn as you go. These problems will be re-launched every week for the next 6 weeks to provide you feedback, review your solutions and provide review scores. You may submit again in any of the subsequent week, incase you want to improve or your submission did not pass. The problem links will be updated every week on this challenge.
  • As you know, we have a lot of Gig Work Opportunities offers available for you right now.  We would use these competitions to match you to our Gig Work Opportunities and also provide you with a Verified Skill Badge on your Topcoder Profile so you can add them to your resumes. So don’t hesitate to jump in, work on the competitions, and earn a job for yourself.

Problem Statement

Evil Aliens have arrived here by mistake! Let’s help 'em to go back! The evil aliens of the Corona Planet were traveling in space to their relative's planet, when their ship encountered some issues, because of which they have landed on Earth. They have advanced weapons, and we want them to leave Earth as fast as possible.

The peacekeepers of Earth have reached a negotiation with them, and need the generous React developers on this Earth to help them asap. They need us to help them with food and the space ship speed calculation system. They challenged us with their three problems to solve (Easy, Medium, Hard) and they will leave peacefully if the problems are solved.

It is time to showcase your React Skills at Topcoder! These competitions are just the right place for you and of course, we need you to save Earth. Only a Topcoder can help us now!

Technology Stack

  • React Tech Stack
  • JavaScript
  • Nodejs


  • We have prepared three problems: Easy, Medium, and Hard, which are worth 250, 500, 1000 points respectively. Points are based on the difficulty of the problem.
  • The competitions may or may not be related to each other.
  • The links to the problems/competitions are provided below.
  • Each problem has one single requirement to achieve. We will judge your submission based on the requirement being fulfilled in each problem, so as long as the requirements are met with minimal code quality, you would be rewarded with points for that particular problem.
  • Here is the leaderboard with individual problem score and total score across weeks is available.


  1. Easy: 250 Points :: Speed Out Evil Aliens
  2. Medium: 500 Points :: Food For Evil Aliens
  3. Hard: 1000 Points :: Trending Evil Aliens

Final Submission Guidelines

- You don’t need to submit anything on this competition, but submit on a the particular problem


2021 Topcoder(R) Open

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