April 27, 2021 Freelance Gig Work: An Inside Look with [ zeedt ]

Over the next few months, we’ll be taking a look at some of our freelance gig workers in our community. We’ll get to know who they are, how they landed a gig, and how they can inspire you to want to apply as well! Find all our freelance gigs here.

Tell us a little about yourself. 
I am Saheed Yusuf or [ zeedt ] from Nigeria with a background in computer science (Bachelor’s Degree). I am a backend engineer with over four years hands-on experience in software development. My main stack is Java.

What Gig did you land at Topcoder?  
I landed a part-time Backend Developer gig for four weeks.

How was the process of applying to the gig?
The process of applying for the gig was not stressful. I joined the Topcoder community in February but did not get a gig until March. I was not fit for the first gig I applied for due to the proficiency in Scala that was requested by the client. After applying for the gig in March, I got an interview invite after one or two days. I had a live coding session with the interviewer and I got the offer letter that same day.

How did you integrate into the customer’s team?
My integration with the team was seamless. My contact from the team made onboarding easy for me as he was always there to give answers to my questions. Other teammates who joined the project were also awesome and always willing to assist every time I needed help in understanding one or two things. 

What did your work involve exactly? What were you in charge of?
I was in charge of resolving backend related bugs on the existing application and also worked on a new project with the team.

What is the thing you liked the most about this Gig? What is the thing you liked the least?
What I liked most about the gig was the fact that I got to work and relate with people from different cultures and different countries.  What I liked the least about the gig is it was sometimes hard to get a response from the clients on time. To get clarification on a task, it could take up to two days.

If you were to describe your Gig Work experience in 2-3 sentences only, how would you describe it?

The gig was really interesting as I got to learn new things. It was a bit challenging as I needed to quickly wrap my head around the existing project to understand what had been done so as to be able to fix bugs and deliver as expected. 

Feel free to share any giphy image or emoticons to describe how you felt while being on the gig. 🙂



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