March 30, 2018 Your Business's Design and Development Cheat Sheet Has Arrived

Times, they are a-changin’. Small and medium businesses, as well as those that fall somewhere on that spectrum, can have a difficult time keeping up. That can mean keeping up online appearances, internal headcount, third-party resources, and of course, keeping up with the latest in design, development, and technology itself. That involves a good deal of hiring, retaining, and juggling… even if you know where you are on the road to innovation and execution (and where you want to go). Fortunately, we can help with all of the above.

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Some of us stay focused on new innovation projects with handwritten to-do lists or project management tools and platforms like Trello and HubSpot. Some of us even, somewhat embarrassingly, email ourselves detailed stream-of-consciousness reminders for the next day. (Just me? Could be.) Consider our ebook, How to Win with Design & Development as a Small Business, a curated to-do list for your design and development needs — some of which you know, many of which you don’t.
No matter what industry you’re in, two facts remain the same: your customers want intuitive, visual experiences and you want designers and developers who can affordably deliver what your business needs next.
In that case, you’re in luck. This ebook will show you:

  • How to triage your business’s technology problems.
  • Where to begin with “good” visual design.
  • How to reimagine your user experience.
  • The problem with your business’s website (and how to fix it).
  • Where to find the right developers and collaborate remotely.

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Jiordan Castle


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