April 25, 2017 8 GIFs That Sum Up Your Mobile App Development Problems

Having problems with mobile app development? You know what they say… A GIF is worth a thousand lines of code.

When you don’t have the bandwidth for testing and deployment in iterative development

Everything is fine. Fine. Fine. Fire? Fire!

When you don’t have a solid build chain (so time is wasted compiling, building, signing, and sharing…)

When you don’t have access to Swift developers

Deployment, period… because Apple’s process can be painful

When you’ve reached the final frontier: user acceptance testing (UAT)… or a lack thereof

So many bugs and so little time.

When you don’t have access to designers

Working with people who focus only on the big picture, and overlook the steps it takes to get there

What’s that about not seeing the forest for the trees?

Working with people who focus only on minute details, and can’t step back and see the big picture

It’s called iterative development for a reason.

Mobile app development made easier

It can take months to find, hire, and train the resources you need. Even then, it’s all too easy to go down the rabbit hole and wind up with a solution that doesn’t do what you intended (or maybe doesn’t have the right look and feel). With crowdsourcing, you can get projects done faster, more easily, and even save money.
See how our global community of expert developers and designers can make your mobile app development dreams a reality — without the headache.

Jiordan Castle


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