October 11, 2018 It’s That Time of the Year Again — Are You QA Ready?

The holiday season is fast approaching and you can soon expect to feel the effects of surging customer expectations. Consumer trends continue to highlight the fact that holiday season spend increases significantly year over year. As such, it’s prime time for retailers to insure risks and ensure exalted online shopping growth numbers. eMarketer forecasts that ecommerce will expand at a 15.3% clip in the 2018 holiday season, uncovering a vast array of business opportunities for those who want and are ready to conquer the space.

Understanding shopper priorities to optimize retail sales

Shoppers are seeking great deals, superior browsing experience, fewer screens to wade through, and faster, more secure checkout options. At the same time, companies realize that they are battling among themselves to provide that extra convenience to shoppers. Retailers and e-businesses often find themselves in a quandary to prepare for a comprehensive ecommerce strategy ahead.
Every e-retailer needs to gear up for holiday sales and gauge their readiness by evaluating themselves against these questions:

  • Have you moved away from just mass-produced, cookie-cutter products to deliver customers what they actually want in terms of items and experiences?
  • Is your omnichannel strategy consistent to provide a fully integrated shopping experience to your connected customers?
  • Are your digital channels (including smart chatbots) responsive and prompt enough to sustain the amplified ramp up in online traffic during holiday season?
  • Can you instill a sense of trust, faith, and security in your customers to keep them from going elsewhere?

It’s high time e-retailers switched gears and adopted a seamless blend of the above pointers to attract and retain holiday shoppers. With more and more intelligent digital ecosystems in the market, you cannot afford to have website outages, broken payment gateways, glitches in a delivery system, or subpar usability experiences. The assurance that your digital platforms will work as expected will influence shopping expectations and experiences and in turn help you meet your business goals. Not to mention keep customers coming back long after the holidays have ended.

Digitally assure your holiday season with Topcoder’s QA solutions

The Quality Assurance as a Service (QaaS) offering from Topcoder makes it easy to keep up with business demands for functional, UI/UX, and performance testing of web and mobile applications. Topcoder is home to the world’s largest network of developers and testers, so you have on-demand access to virtually unlimited QA capacity — and unprecedented flexibility in testing environment, localization, and language support. Combined with Wipro’s quality engineering, and testing expertise, Topcoder’s QaaS solution enables enterprises to enrich the customer experience and drive innovation at speed and scale.
Topcoder’s QA solutions include:

  • Real World Testing — delivers real customer feedback by testing your product on real devices in real cell networks and real market conditions.
  • Mobility Testing — ensures complete functional and non-functional tests, including device compatibility certification and user sentiment analysis by comparing your products with that of competitors. With smartphone shoppers shooting up significantly, it only makes sense to have your mobile app insured against new market launches, application release, upgrades and migration by running mobility test cycles on Topcoder.
  • Performance Testing — helps to evaluate and strategize for your application to handle volumes and the sudden ramp up in traffic, by putting your application under heavy load to evaluate its responsiveness and reliability. Achieve real life results on different network providers for website/app load and reaction times to ensure that you do not falter on the busiest shopping hours.

Success with Topcoder’s QaaS offering

Our QA services have helped a variety of businesses with both web QA and mobile app QA, finding defects and delivering usability insights. Our team has completed testing that made an important and timely difference in the final product and the user experience.
For instance, a leading publishing company recently tapped Topcoder to test their digital subscription process across multiple browsers and devices, including newsletters, e-editions, rewards, and more for four distinct news outlets. In total, 34 expert testers found 81 critical issues and suggested 28 UI/UX enhancements — and all in just seven days.
Want to see similar results? We’re ready to help assure your application’s functionality, usability, digital accessibility, and performance before the holiday season begins. Start your QA project with Topcoder today in just a few clicks.

Sudha Panda


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