QA Trends to Watch and the State of QA Today

Consumers have become more demanding of technology and the user experience. If an app consistently takes too long to load, it’ll be deleted. If a website is prone to freezing, it won’t be revisited. More technology, as we’ve seen time and again, does not equal better technology. And it’s better (e.g., seamless loading, high-quality graphics, an intuitive UI) that users crave. But one of the keys to better is quality assurance (QA) — a systematic process most companies recognize the importance of but fail to support with the right resources.

What’s next for QA and how to stay on top of it

Recently, we examined the QA landscape and compiled our findings into one handy infographic. Scroll down to learn:

  • Why QA has become increasingly important.
  • The current state of QA.
  • QA budget trends and predictions.
  • What you can do with QA from Topcoder.

To reveal the full infographic, click the image below. (And then, if viewing on desktop, zoom in!)

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