March 16, 2020 A Message to our Community Amid Covid-19

I wanted to reach out during this health crisis to say that the team from Topcoder is here with you. I know for many, and I’m assuming your colleagues and family, that this disruption to personal life and to work life is very real. 

Rest assured that here at Topcoder, we expect operations to continue in a safe and responsible manner. As a global, remote organization, we feel capable of weathering this storm without interruption. 

We encourage you all to spend any downtime you may have to explore and learn more on Topcoder as we plan to keep productivity high and effective on our platform. It may be a scary time for our world but to look at the bright side, it may be a great time to learn something new or try a new way to earn money with us.

What about Topcoder Open?

At this time we have halted all planning for our TCO20 regional events. We take the health and well-being of our team and our community very seriously and want to follow the recommendations and guidelines from the World Health Organization. Our team is hard at work preparing for possible virtual regional events.

It’s too soon to make a call about the 2020 Topcoder Open Finals. Just know that our entire team is working hard to find the best way forward at this time. We promise to keep you updated on any decisions as soon as we have them.


Did you know there are many ways to earn a living at Topcoder? One of our newest opportunities is through our Gig Work opportunities. Many businesses may be looking to Topcoder during this time as remote work becomes the norm. We encourage you to learn about our gig work opportunities.

Gig Work Explained Opportunities Available

How You Can Be Productive at Home

Maybe you want to spend some time trying something new? Do you have a desire to learn? Want to join us and be a part of Topcoder Nation? Some links for you:

Become a member See challenges Learn from Thrive Join Topcoder Nation

What is Topcoder doing?

Besides keeping the lights on and the challenge pipeline strong, we have launched the Topcoder Anti-Coronavirus Hackathon.

Topcoder is the world’s largest open innovation community and we would like to engage you all to do something for social good. We would like to build an app, a website, or any other digital application to help people at some certain point during this hard time.

The first challenge, the call for ideas, is currently live and we really hope we will get a ton of our members to help us and those in our world.

Be safe and we’re here with you all.

Have questions or comments? We have created a special forum for discussion here or feel free email us.

Join us at Topcoder to stay busy and stay home during this time

Head of Community


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