Master the Mysteries and Mental Challenges

The National Security Agency is America's cryptologic organization. It coordinates, directs, and performs highly specialized activities to protect U.S. government information systems and produce foreign signals intelligence information. A high technology organization, NSA is on the frontiers of communications and data processing. It is also one of the most important centers of foreign language analysis and research within the government.

NSA employs the country's premier cryptologists and conducts one of the U.S. government's leading research and development (R&D) programs. Some of the Agency's R&D projects have significantly advanced the state of the art in the scientific and business worlds. NSA is said to be the largest employer of mathematicians in the United States and perhaps the world. Its mathematicians contribute directly to the two missions of the Agency: foreign signals intelligence, codebreaking and information assurance, codemaking.

Think you're smart enough to solve the country's toughest challenges?

The National Security Agency (NSA) has excellent opportunities for Mathematicians, Engineers, and Computer Scientists to fill positions in Cryptanalysis, Signals Analysis, Math, Computer/Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. If you are a U.S. citizen and interested in learning more about NSA employment opportunities, apply now.

NSA looks forward to recruiting from the top competitors in the 2006 TopCoder Open.

NSA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.