Developer Forums

Are you attending the TCCC finals as a spectator or finalist? Either way, be sure to attend the Developer Forums. This year's TCCC features three rewarding topics:

Wednesday, November 15

3:00PM - 4:00PM
Applying the TopCoder Philosophy to New Frontiers

Two TopCoder clients have utilized the core TopCoder philosophies -- competition-based business models and objective rating systems - as a means of assessing performance and reducing risk. In the first part of the forum, Aizling will discuss how the company based its revolutionary approach to nursing and the healthcare industry on a competition model, feedback system, and shift matching logic. Next up will be Equitrader, which will review its simulated trading competitions, its rating system, and new technology that enables members to create autonomous trading bots. How does the TopCoder approach apply to staffing a medical facility or trading stocks? Join in the discussion, and find out!

Thursday, November 16

3:00PM - 4:00PM
Estimating Project Size

How long will this take? How much money will it cost? These two simple questions can be infuriatingly difficult to answer, especially when it comes to an enterprise software project. But there's hope, thanks to the "Use Case Points" methodology. Use Case Points can help evaluate a project's scope - based on the Use Cases and Actors outlined in the Use Case model - as well as a project's complexity. This forum will discuss the features of the Use Case Points approach, and highlight how it has been applied to TopCoder projects.

Friday, November 17

1:00PM - 2:00PM
Overview of Recent TopCoder Projects

New clients and projects have expanded TopCoder's presence in a variety of market spaces, from energy and insurance to finance, healthcare, media, and retail. TopCoder has built a variety of applications - including data warehousing, internal, integration, and mobile device systems - using new and emerging technologies like J2ME, RFID, and AJAX. For each project, TopCoder has applied its software development methodology to build reliable, scalable solutions - and, by leveraging TopCoder's component library, these projects have been completed for less money and with fewer bugs. In this forum, learn more about the diverse array of projects TopCoder is tackling, and what we've learned by applying our methods to a wide range of industries.