TopCrowd + Universities

TopCrowd + Universities

Empower Your University Community with Real-World Challenges and Skill Development

The success of your institution depends on empowering your students, faculty, and career services professionals. We are excited to introduce TopCrowd, a cutting-edge platform that transforms education and career development by fostering innovation, collaboration, and skill enhancement across your entire university.

How to get started

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What is TopCrowd?

TopCrowd is a dynamic ecosystem that brings together students, faculty, and career services to:

  • Enrich Students’ Learning: Provide opportunities for real-world problem-solving, skill development, and career readiness.
  • Ignite Teaching: Integrate practical challenges into your curriculum to reinforce learning outcomes.
  • Facilitate Mentorship: Connect students with faculty mentors and industry experts for personalized guidance.
  • Enhance Career Services: Showcase student talents, connect with employers, and enhance career prospects.

How TopCrowd Works

TopCrowd’s platform is simple to join, and an easy place to participate and collaborate.

  • Invite Users: Invite students, faculty members, and business partners to register and create profiles on the TopCrowd platform.
  • Establish Partnerships: Invitations can be sent to external users, including strategic business and university partners, to collaborate directly in your organization. Partnerships allow you to collaborate with other universities and/or industry employers.
  • Create Challenges: Universities or organizations can create challenges on the platform, ranging from software development tasks to design projects. It only takes a few minutes to launch a challenge to your community.
  • Compete with Colleagues: Students and other users join challenges that interest them, and submit solutions within the specified timeframe.
  • Review Solutions & Announce Results: Solutions are reviewed and scored by the challenge creator and/or panel of reviewers, ensuring fairness and quality assessment.
  • Climb the Leaderboards: TopCrowd incorporates gamification to drive outcomes.Leaderboards engage users and encourage healthy competition among participants. Users earn points and rankings based on their participation and performance, which fosters a sense of achievement and community.

Value Across University Roles

For Academic Professors:
  • Integrate TopCrowd challenges into your courses and help students develop practical skills.
  • Mentor students on the platform by providing valuable feedback on their solutions.
  • Streamline assessment and grading processes, saving time for more meaningful interactions.
  • Offer extra credit at the end of the semester to students who earn TopCrowd points.
For Employer Relations:
  • Forge strategic partnerships with businesses to offer real-world challenges.
  • Enhance student employability by showcasing their skills and achievements.
  • Foster collaboration between students, faculty, and industry experts.
For Career Services:
  • Offer personalized career counseling and mentoring to students.
  • Leverage the platform to enhance self-assessment and skill-building.
  • Connect students with internship and job opportunities through employer partnerships.
For Students:
  • Gain practical skills and experience by participating in real-world challenges.
  • Showcase your talents to potential employers and stand out in the job market.
  • Access mentorship opportunities and personalized guidance from faculty and industry experts

Build a Limitless University with TopCrowd

  • Empower Students for the Real-World: TopCrowd challenges provide students with practical experiences that reinforce theoretical knowledge, preparing them for the workforce.
  • Amplify Learning: Encourage teamwork and effective communication through group challenges that mirror real-world collaborative projects.
  • Simplify Assessment: Streamline the grading process using TopCrowd, allowing faculty to focus more on teaching and mentoring.
  • Increase Career Readiness: Successful participation in challenges allows students to showcase their skills to potential employers, enhancing their career prospects upon graduation.
  • Customize to your Community:
    TopCrowd offers diverse challenge types that align with your university’s specific learning objectives.

Join the TopCrowd community today and unlock a world of opportunities for your students, faculty, and career services professionals. Together, we can shape a brighter future for your students.