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TopCrowd is a powerful, proven challenge platform that drives quality outcomes in your organization.
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1 Register Your Organization

Create a TopCrowd account and invite your team members. Once registered, participants can join in on challenges that provide personal and professional development.

2 Launch Challenges

Launch challenges that allow participants to compete and win. Work types can be whatever you want: ideation, design, coding, hackathons, data science, QA, and more!

3 Review & Reward

At the end of a challenge, review and reward top solutions with incentives you choose. Watch engagement skyrocket as participants are excited to win, with the added benefit of upskilling and propelling individual growth.

A Win-Win Platform

Benefits To organizations

  • Engage Your People
    Maximize contribution and engagement
  • Break Down Silos
    Increase internal knowledge sharing and cross-team collaboration
  • Go Faster
    Accelerate projects with friendly competition

Benefits To participants

  • Learn New Skills
    Explore new skills that can accelerate your career 
  • Earn Rewards
    Gain recognition and get rewarded with gear, gift cards, and more
  • Personal & Professional Development
    Share knowledge and expand your network

designed to maximize your team’s potential

Easy Setup Get your organization up and running in one day with the option of custom SSO and secure login
Launch Challenges Get work done with the talents and skills you already have inside your organization
OpenAI GPT Integration Harness the power of generative Al to write high-quality challenge descriptions
Control Who Can Compete Restrict the audience of your challenge to a specific group or open it up to your entire organization
Review & Rank Solutions Challenge creators can easily review submissions, rank them, announce winners, and distribute points
Multiple Reviewers Maximize the quality and diversity of reviews and minimize the workload on individual reviewers
Gamification Excite and engage participants with out of the norm work that enhances their skills and reputation
Reporting See who is active on your platform, track engagement, and view registration and submissions metrics
Engage your team today!
Free 30 day trial. No credit card required. No commitment.

Case Study

Wipro’s branded Topcoder TopCrowd has been wildly successful


> 96% challenge completion active users


unique submitters
> 4 submissions per person


hours of extra work done
> 1,200 Full-Time Equivalents
(monthly averages for the past three months)

Work Types

TopCrowd supports any work type you can describe, some examples include:
Software Development
User Experience
Quality Assurance
Unlock the potential of your people today!
Free 30 day trial. No credit card required. No commitment.