unlock the potential of your workforce

Drive quality outcomes by challenging and rewarding your workforce.

How does it work?

TopCrowd is a workforce optimization platform that allows organizations to uniquely engage employees and maximize their productivity. The platform utilizes a challenge model to increase productivity while providing employees a way to gain recognition, compete, earn, and upskill.


Launch challenges to your employees to get work done faster.


Review multiple submissions and rank them based on quality.


Award winning submissions with points tied to company incentives.


  • Measure Excellence

    Employees concretely demonstrate going “above and beyond”

  • Earn Rewards

    Map points to meaningful incentives that attract and retain your employees

  • Learn New Skills

    Allow your people to learn new skills to accelerate their career growth

  • Share Knowledge

    Improve internal knowledge sharing with the open challenge model

  • Build Community

    Increase employee engagement with cross-team collaboration

  • Go Faster

    Accelerate completion of backlog items with friendly competition

Key Features

  • Create Your Account

    Your company email is your key to your TopCrowd

  • Review Solutions

    Add notes, rank the submitters, and distribute points

  • Create Challenges

    Create secure challenges, size them, tag them, and launch them

  • Earn Points and Reputation

    Compete with your coworkers to join the leaderboard

  • View and Filter Challenges

    See open challenges, challenges you created, work you’re doing, and your history

  • Map Points to Incentives

    Topcoder works with you to incentivize your people in meaningful ways

  • Submit Solutions

    Submit solutions securely, with notes to the challenge creator

  • Receive Email Notifications

    Don’t miss out on key events (e.g., upcoming submission deadline)

Case Study

Wipro’s implementation of TopCrowd has been wildly successful



> 96% challenge completion active users


unique submitters

> 4 submissions per person


hours of extra work done

> 1,200 Full-Time Equivalents

(monthly averages for the past three months)

Incentive Ideas

TopCrowd engages your people with points and badges. You tie those to real rewards to get them excited.

Cash/Gift Cards
Extra PTO Day
Recognition at Company Events
Equity/Stock Options
Company Gear/Swag
Performance Evaluation Boost
Utilization/Chargeability Credit

Work Types

TopCrowd supports any work type you can describe, some examples include:

  • Software Development

    • Web/mobile
    • Bug fixing
  • Ideation

    • Brainstorming
    • Design thinking
  • Data

    • Data engineering
    • Data science
  • Security

    • Penetration testing
    • Auditing
  • User Experience

    • Design
    • HTML/CSS
  • Automation

    • Task automation
    • Simple integrations
  • Quality Assurance

    • Bug hunts
    • Test automation
  • Productivity

    • Proofreading
    • Presentation styling
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