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Viktória Pere
Hungary Member since May 2018

Design Copilot and Competitor

Business-educated by profession, design master by passion. Viki is one of the few members who earned a spot to compete in the UI Design finals at TCO and receivedher design copilot training very early, the same year she joined the community in 2018. In her skyrocketing career, she showed her prowess as a theoretical and practical designer, with an enviable capacity for applying exponential thinking to any given problem.

She has competed in two TCO UI Design finals. She won the TCO19 Japan Regional and TCO20 Europe Design finals. As she started knocking at the door of success in competitions, endowed with the gift of empathy, she also won the hearts of the people she touched in the community. Nominated and selected as MVP in 2019, she started serving the community members on a deep level, got involved in writing articles for the blog, for Thrive, and co-founding Topcoder Nation.

2020 shook up all humans lives the same way her contribution shook up NASA’s experimentation on drone fleet control, where she won the entire design series, providing thriving concepts that helped to shape the application vision and execution.

When she is not working, she enjoys long distance running, playing board games, solving puzzles, and missing her Topcoder friends all over the world.

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2nd place winner for UI Design finals

tco19 jp

UI Design Champion for TCO19 Japan Regionals

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UI Design Champion for TCO20 Europe Regionals

Viki is proud of working on the NASA project and Vulcan project

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