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Luis Millan  Venezuela  Member since February 2007
“Rise and shine”


Luis started his Topcoder journey in early 2007. He inclined towards the design track, becoming one of the first design copilots. Luis always showed interest in the different activities he could perform in the platform as the opportunities showed up, such as Challenge Operations Strategist, being the first TCO blogger from the community for design, being part of the first legion of CAB members (Community Advisory Board), now a MVP, and also a member of the TCO Spirit Award club in 2013 (entitled to the member who best personifies the Topcoder spirit).

The trait he is most proud of is being a community folk, connecting with other members. He enjoys coaching and guiding newbies towards the path of success in the platform.

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Spirit Award Winner
Cofounding Topcoder Nation
Winning all NASA design challenges series in 2012

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