February 18, 2020

List of Development Resources

This page provides the recent trends and articles about popular technologies and fields including Frontend, Backend, Machine Learning, Containers, Microservices etc. and almost contains all technologies that can be used on Topcoder. It provides 5 languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Brasil, so the language barrier should not a problem.

Here you can find great articles, videos, and links to open source code of all popular fields, including Android, iOS, Web, infrastructure systems, VR/AR, Artificial Intelligence. That’s a great place for you to learn new things quickly.

You can almost find tutorials for any technologies you want here. It provides tutorials for more than 100 technologies. No matter you want to learn C++, Java, Android/iOS development or backend technologies, you can find a place here. Each tutorial provides a step-by-step guide. What you need to do is just to find one tutorial and follow the steps. That’s a great place for rookies, and most importantly, it’s all free!

This is another good place of tutorials, but it focuses on web technologies. You can learn fundamentals of web technologies here, including HTML, CSS, Javascript etc. All tutorials provide quiz and exams so you can check your learning quickly, and a “Try it Yourself” button helps you to do experiment yourself easily.

It actually provides tutorials more than Java, don’t be confused by its name. You can learn Java, C, C++, C# and other popular technologies here. But for java technologies, this is the best portal.

React is heavily used on Topcoder, Redux is the core of data flow. This is a simplest React Redux tutorial, reveal the Redux fundamentals and essence, much clearer than the official tutorial documentation.

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Group 9