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Welcome to our first Rapid Development Match!!  Cash Prizes for the top 10! Here is the Match Leaderboard.
Rapid Development Matches or RDMs (as we love and would love the community to call them) are fast, timed software development competitions focused on ranking and scoring developers on code accuracy, speed, particular technologies, platforms, and development languages. The goal is clearly defined in the problems to be solved and the requirements to be achieved.

Each challenge will have three (3) problems: easy, medium, and hard. Points will be allotted to each problem depending on difficulty. 
Scores for each problem will be awarded based on how early a member makes a submission on that particular problem as compared with other competitors.

Learn More Competition FAQs and Rules
Interested in writing problems for RDMs? Read More

Match Schedule and Phases

The match is open for pre-registration and will be open for submission at 06:00 UTC-4 on 09th Oct. Problem statements will be available when the submission phase opens.

Registration Phase: September 30, 06:00 UTC-4 - October 11, 06:00 UTC-4
Submission Phase: October 09, 06:00 UTC-4 - October 11, 06:00 UTC-4
Final Testing Phase: October 11, 06:00 UTC-4 - October 14, 06:00 UTC-4


Here's the match leaderboard.


Match Prizes

$500 - 1st 
$200 - 2nd 
$150 - 3rd 
$100 - 4th 
$100 - 5th 
$50  - 6th 
$25  - 7th 
$25  - 8th 
$25  - 9th
$25  - 10th

Fastest to Submit

$50 - Awarded to the fastest passing submission on Easy Problem
$50 - Awarded to the fastest passing submission on Medium Problem
$50 - Awarded to the fastest passing submission on Hard Problem

Other Rewards

$50 - Code Quality Award: Awarded to the submission with the most readable refactored code with least code obfuscation and all the necessary comments to increase the readability as much as possible
$50 - Performance Award: Awarded to the submission with the fasted load time on Hard Problem


The point value of your submission is dependent upon the problem’s level of difficulty and the after how many competitors you make a submission to that particular problem. The Topcoder server will calculate the numbers of submissions already done to the problem when the coder submits a solution.

Total points awarded =
Screenshot 2020-09-28 12:11:02

S is the number of submissions done on that particular problem.
TotalTime is the total time allocated for coding all problems in hours, and
MaxPoints is the maximum points available for that problem.

For example:
A coder submits when thirty(30) submissions have already been submitted for that particular problem. Given the fact that the total submission time is fourty-eight(48) hours, and the maximum point value for the medium problem is 500, the coder’s awarded points for the submission will be:
500*(.3 + (.7*(48^2)) / (10*(30*10+1)+(48^2)) )
301.75 points (point calculations are rounded to two decimal places)

Judging Criteria

  • We will judge your submission based on the requirements being fulfilled, so as long as the requirements are met, you would be rewarded with points for that particular problem.
  • Minimal code quality is expected, for the reviewer to review the submission and go through your code
    • Obvious and deliberate code obfuscation will be rejected.
    • Collaborating/Cheating in any way with anyone else (member or not) during a rated event is considered cheating.
    • An excessive amount of unused content should be avoided.
    • Code Readability is expected with necessary comments, indentation and somewhat refactored code (as much as possible)


Final Submission Guidelines

You don’t need to submit anything on this challenge, but submit on the particular problem


2021 Topcoder(R) Open


Final Review:

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