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Challenge Overview

In the previous preparatory challenge we have found an interesting dataset of open city data (you’ll find them in the challenge forum) that are potentially impacted by holidays in the area. In this challenge we want you to use IBM Watson Discovery service to analyse the dataset, to find some trends in these data caused by a holiday specified by the user; you’ll then visualize these data trends in a fun and interesting way. Your solution should be deployable to the IBM Cloud. Within these restrictions you are free to choose technologies, and probably additional features, to create an impressive and fun application. Feel free to clarify your doubts in the challenge forum, or contacting the copilot privately, if you don’t want to disclose your ideas to other participants.

If you don't have IBM Cloud Account yet, please register it via this link; also consider to join the renovated Topcoder Cognitive Community, if you have not already.

This challenge will be judged by community reviewers using subjective scorecards. Although the code and documentation quality are important as always, the main focus will be to select submission that creates the best user experience within challenge requirements, and, probably, develop the proposed idea with some creative addons.

P.S.: If the idea about the trends in data caused by a holiday does not make much sense to you, and you have a better idea how IBM Watson Discovery can be used with these data to produce a cool user experience, feel free to do it. Once again: the hard requirements are to use IBM Watson Discovery, and any other technologies povided by IBM Cloud (and to avoid using non-IBM techs); to use the data provided in the forum; and to provide a cool user experience that (i) impress users; (ii) clearly shows the value of IBM Watson Discovery service in this application.

Final Submission Guidelines

Submit you code, including deployment and verification instructions, and a demo video of your solution in action.


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