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Challenge Overview

This challenge is a preparation for the next IBM Watson development contest. In the next contest we want to look into the impact of a holiday on the everyday life of a city. We’ll look into the imact of a holiday on city open data, to find and visualize some fun trends. We sure need the data to visualize, thus in this separate preparatory challenge we want you to find and preliminary analyse interesting datasets to be used in the next contest.

If you don't have IBM Cloud Account yet, please register it via this link; also consider to join the renovated Topcoder Cognitive Community, if you have not already.

The datasets we are looking for should contain some intresting / fun to look into data, available for a large timeframe on daily / weekly basis, so that we can see how they change on the dates of a celebration. For preliminary analysis we want you to check and show us that the data you are proposing are really impacted by some holiday the area. In case of any doubts don’t hesitate to ask questions in the challenge forum.

Just in case you have no idea where to start your search, here are a few options (but you are free to suggest any other source of open data):
This challenge will be subjectively judged by the community, with no appeals.

Final Submission Guidelines

Submit a document describing the datasets you are proposing, along with some graphs demonstrating that suggested data are impacted by some holiday in the area.


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