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We are so excited to have you as an ambassador. Here are resources we have put together to support you while you are busy representing Topcoder.

Monthly Ambassador Calls

All of the monthly Ambassador calls are recorded. If you were unable to attend or want to revisit a specific call please go to our recordings.


All Logos

Our primary logo uses the color logo-mark with “topcoder” logo type. Please use this logo as your main logo when representing Topcoder.

Greyscale logos should be used when the color logo does not show correctly.

Ambassador Badge

All Badges

You earned your spot here as an Ambassador and we encourage you to show your pride by displaying the Ambassador badge.

Great places to display your badge are:

  • Social media posts and banners
  • Presentations or virtual calls
  • Events
  • Email signature

All Backgrounds

Show your Topcoder Ambassador pride on calls by using these as your background image in video conferencing tools such as Teams or Zoom.

Directions for Teams | Directions for Zoom


All Presentations

Use this PowerPoint presentation to accelerate the creation of your next presentation to the community.

Email Templates

Email Template

Send ambassador updates and more with our email template. To use this template just open the email HTML via the download link, copy the contents of the template and paste it into the body of your email.

Social Media Templates

All Social Media Templates

Use these easy social media templates to elevate the look of your posts.


Icon pack

Some additional elements that can be used for social media posts, presentations, anywhere you need to add a little Topcoder Ambassador flair.


All Fonts

Plus Jakarta Sans

for headlines


for subtitles and body

rgb(12, 12, 12)
Black 80
rgb(85, 85, 85)
Black 60
rgb(118, 118, 118)
Black 40
rgb(170, 170, 170)
Black 20
rgb(212, 212, 212)
Purple 140
rgb(101, 35, 133)
Purple 100
rgb(157, 65, 201)
Purple 75
rgb(182, 113, 215)
Purple 50
rgb(205, 159, 227)
Purple 25
rgb(230, 207, 241)
Teal 140
rgb(34, 118, 129)
Teal 120
rgb(30, 148, 163)
Teal 75
rgb(84, 180, 192)
Teal 50
rgb(141, 204, 212)
Teal 25
rgb(198, 230, 234)
Orange 120
rgb(244, 101, 0)
Orange 100
rgb(253, 125, 1)
Orange 75
rgb(255, 164, 93)
Orange 50
rgb(255, 227, 207)
Orange 25
rgb(255, 240, 235)
Red 140
rgb(140, 56, 76)
Red 120
rgb(190, 64, 94)
Red 75
rgb(243, 117, 147)
Red 50
rgb(247, 163, 183)
Red 25
rgb(251, 209, 219)