Q1: What is the role of a brand ambassador?  
A: As a brand ambassador, your role is to represent our brand positively and authentically. You’ll promote our products or services, engage with our members, and help build a strong community around our brand. 
Q3: What are the benefits of being a brand ambassador?  
A: As a brand ambassador, you’ll enjoy exclusive perks, such as early access to news from Topcoder and of course some cool swag! You’ll also have opportunities to collaborate with us on exciting projects and events. Additionally, being part of our ambassador community offers networking and growth opportunities within the industry. 
Q4: How much time do I need to dedicate as an ambassador?  
A: We understand everyone has different commitments. As an ambassador, you have the flexibility to dedicate as much time as you’re comfortable with.  

Q5: Can I be an ambassador if I live outside the USA?  
A: Absolutely! We welcome ambassadors from all around the world. Our brand’s global reach is enhanced by the diverse perspectives and experiences of our international ambassadors. 

Q7: Are there any guidelines for social media promotion?  
A: Yes, we have social media guidelines to maintain brand consistency and integrity. While we encourage creativity, we also ask you to follow our brand’s tone, style, and values in your promotional content. Visit the Brand Ambassador Resource page for brand guidelines, images, and more! 
Q8: Can I collaborate with other ambassadors on projects?  
A: Absolutely! Collaboration and teamwork are highly encouraged. Feel free to connect with other ambassadors and explore opportunities to work together on projects, events, or content creation. We will also hold a monthly meeting with all Ambassadors, giving us another opportunity to connect.  
Q9: How can I share my ideas or suggestions with Topcoder?  
A: We value your input! You can share your ideas, suggestions, or feedback on your monthly 1-1 calls with our Community Manager or utilize the Ambassador channel on our Discord

Q10: Is there ongoing training or support for ambassadors?  
A: Yes, we will schedule monthly calls with the Ambassador team to check in on everyone and offer support and guidance. 
Q12: Can I use my own creative ideas for promoting the brand?  
A: Absolutely! We encourage creativity and value your unique perspective. Your innovative ideas and approaches to promoting our brand are highly appreciated. You must follow brand guidelines, if unsure of the direction you are taking, we ask that you reach out to your community manager.  
Q13: How can I share my ambassador journey with others?  
A: We love when ambassadors share their experiences! You can share your journey through social media posts or on LinkedIn – make sure to tag us so we can share! 

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our ambassador support team. We’re here to support you every step of the way!