May 5, 2017 What’s Up, Designers? We are Back in Bloguisness

Wow, it’s been such a long time since I’ve written a few lines to my fearless blog readers. It feels like centuries. I know you guys must probably miss my unreadable content less than my abandoner and selfish cat, but I have to tell you, it feels so freaking *insert lots of nasty adjectives* good to be back!
The May design month couldn’t have been a better time for me to come back into the blogging business. It’s a tremendous honor to be a part of the blogging team for the Topcoder Open this year, which is stronger than ever; it’s amazing! I couldn’t be more grateful for such an opportunity.
Now, let me tell you quickly what I’ll be blogging about this year as another piece of the well-assembled team. Those who know me already must have realized by now how much I love writing about the community members, getting to know them and integrating us in a fun, relaxed way — through stories, memories, and challenges. I want to focus more on this human side, with due permission of the TCO Dancing Queen; I’ll bomb the heck out of Topcoder Design community with love.
I used to run series this past year that I liked a lot, such as: Mahestroll Challenge, TCO Stories, and Studio Breakfast. However, due to my availability this year, I might not fill them up as much as I’d like. But I’ll fill you in with TCO stories and tips to help you get there one day. On the other hand, remember there is a new kid on the block writing articles for design; I’m sure you’ve read her so far. Luckily we count on the fabulous Daniela [DaraK] (AKA Dracula’s wife… Shhh… don’t tell her you found out about her secret life thanks to me).
In the meantime, while I buckle up to give you more unreadable content, I leave you with a few posts that might entertain you this morning, afternoon, evening, or whatever the time is wherever you are right now!

See you around, family. Love yourselves!

There are two fun challenges running right now for Design Month! Learn more about the Topcoder process, have some fun, and earn prizes too!
Tinker with the Topcoder Logo and Topcoder Stock Photos Challenges are now open and with rolling checkpoints. Get feedback and maybe a win!


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