July 25, 2016 Topcoder Members of the Month – VIDEO – June 2016

Yes, yes, yes!!! This is our favorite post of the month! Why you ask? Because here we celebrate our Topcoder members who knocked it out of the park and put a bright spotlight on their incredible effort, achievements, and victories!

Our Topcoder Community is over 1M members strong, but we always share individual accomplishments like these because they remind us that it’s extremely talented members from across the globe who comprise the Topcoder Community. Many join Topcoder to learn. Many join Topcoder to earn. Our promise to you? To keep celebrating it all because as you grow, we grow!

So… who took home the title of Member of the Month in June? Let’s find out!

June Topcoder Members of the Month

Remember that 4 Topcoder members capture the crown each month. One for each major discipline we focus on at Topcoder – design, development, and data science – and one RoM or Rookie of the Month! Drumroll please …………….

If you see our winners in the Topcoder forums or on our Facebook page, please be sure to congratulate them! Watch the video above to see how they earned these top honors.

Topcoder Designer of the Month – nicokontes

3 reasons he likes competing on Topcoder:

  • Big payouts
  • Working on projects for world-known clients
  • Collaboration and communication with other members

nicokontes… we couldn’t have said it better, congrats on your Member of the Month honors!

Topcoder Developer of the Month – MoreHappiness

Wow… he competed in 23 challenges and won a whole lot too. Amazing work and congrats MoreHappiness !!!

Topcoder Data Scientist of the Month – dbalmain

This data scientist from ‘down under’ sure had one heck of a month! Congrats on the ratings increase from Division 2 up to Division 1 – that is fantastic and we’re proud to crown you June’s Member of the Month for data science!

Topcoder Rookie of the Month – Developer – thkang91

What can we say about this rookie of the month? He joined Topcoder in April of 2016 and in June what did he go out and do? He competed in 18 developer challenges and won 11 of them! An amazing accomplishment and one we’re extremely proud to share, congrats on your Member of the Month honors!

Thank you to all of our Topcoder members who make our community unique and the most amazing competitive and collaborative technology community on the planet! We raise our glasses to you all as we especially congratulate these 4 members for their outstanding achievements!

Interested in joining Topcoder? Here is where to get started on your Topcoder journey.

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