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Topcoder is home to more than one million designers, developers, competitive programmers, data scientists, and algorithmists from around the world. Founded in 2001, Topcoder has held more than 22,000 competitions and awarded more than $80 million in prize money.

Topcoder Community members are passionate, amazingly talented people who come to Topcoder to improve their skills, demonstrate their expertise, and earn money—all while helping real-world organizations solve real business problems.

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We are over one million members strong and growing faster than ever.

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Work on design, development, and data science projects for real-world customers. Topcoder Community members compete to deliver the best solutions and win prize money.

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Earn a Topcoder rating, show off your achievements, and get recognition from peers as well as customers. A high Topcoder rating can help you land your next dream job.

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Hone your skills in the technologies employers are looking for. You’ll find practice problems, fun challenges, and educational content on trending technologies from Swift to IBM Watson.

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Meet and collaborate with like-minded peers from around the world. Work with top companies on interesting projects, and share tips and discuss trends with fellow community members.