November 10, 2016 Topcoder and IBM Partner to Bring Watson to the Topcoder Community

Topcoder has been the leader in crowdsourced development and data science for more than 15 years, and during that time we’ve seen a steadily increasing customer demand for cognitive computing capabilities: artificial intelligence, data mining, machine learning, natural language processing, and image and pattern recognition. The Topcoder Community has always been at the forefront of these trends, and we continually look for new ways to help community members hone the cognitive computing skills our customers need today to develop cutting-edge solutions for tomorrow.

Yesterday at the Watson Developer Conference Ginni Rometty and Bob Lord announced a new partnership between IBM and Topcoder to create a cognitive developer community. Topcoder Community members will gain access to Watson and IBM Cloud services to build solutions with cognitive computing and artificial intelligence, and Topcoder customers will benefit from access to a deeper pool of developers with cognitive and Watson experience.


“This partnership expands the Watson Developer Community and Watson’s capabilities to the more than 1 million Topcoder contributors, creating a collaborative and competitive environment where individuals can learn and advance their careers while accelerating next-generation technology development for all.”

Willie Tejada, IBM Chief Developer Advocate


Whether in services, bots, or web and mobile apps, cognitive is an emerging trend. By combining the power of Watson and IBM Cloud services with the collective intellect of the Topcoder Community, customers will have an unprecedented ability to harness the power of Watson for next generation artificial intelligence apps, APIs, and solutions. Learn more about how Topcoder can help you meet your cognitive computing needs today to develop the cutting-edge solutions of tomorrow.

For developers, our partnership with IBM provides new opportunities to gain the real-world experience needed to transition to cognitive and build the AI solutions customers and employers want. Watch for more information over the coming weeks on cognitive hackathons and coding competitions in which you can hone your cognitive and Watson skills.


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