December 24, 2019 Top 10 MUST READ Community Blog Posts from 2019

At Topcoder, we not only leverage the community to get work done but we also tap their talent for amazing content. From tutorials, to interviews, and more, our Topcoder blog has all you could ever want and more.

There were so many fantastic blog posts throughout the year but here are a few of my favorites.

Top 10 Community Blog Posts:

1. Putting the “We” in Website: An amazing tale of how we practice what we preach every day; especially when it was time to role out a new brand.

2. How One Topcoder Copilot Went From Kid Gamer to Pro Coder: This piece is one of my favorites because Thomas is not only an incredibly talented person but he’s a really amazing person overall. I love having him as part of our community and his story speaks volumes for how life changing Topcoder can be. 

3. Topcoder Rallies Support for STEM Education: STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are so important for the youth of America and any support we can provide means the world to me.

4. 14 Years with Tony Jefts: An unsung hero on the Topcoder team, it’s important we salute the team behind the community as much as we can. I love supporting the team and making sure everyone knows that there are so many important people, such as Tony, who really make Topcoder work, literally and figuratively!  

5. Topcoder Nation: Three Idiots Travel Asia: The birth of Topcoder Nation just made my entire year. Love this initiative so much!

6. Inspiration: Where to Get it From: A great piece from one of our veteran designers, chekspir, to that can truly help one be successful.

7. I Really Love Topcoder: The Anatomy of a Surreal King’s Speech: Another article from our Topcoder Nation crowd that promotes one of our greatest community assets, adroc.

8. My Beginning and Beyond at Topcoder: The journey of a newbie is always a great read and this one from trivia79 does not disappoint.

9. Spreading the Gospel: Written by my colleague, Issa John, I love how no matter where you are Topcoder is a great discussion piece. 

10. Topcoder – A Community for All: After a huge effort this past year to make sure is accessible, it’s important to share widely!

I really appreciate all of our hard working blogger staff for the incredible year of content we had. I look forward to what’s ahead for 2020. Don’t miss any of our blog articles so check them out here.

PS: I can’t very well add a blog post about me to the top ten but it’s another good one in case you need more: The Topcoder Queen.

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