November 18, 2019 TCO19 QA Finals Recap

This year is the first time that there was a QA finals competition at the TCO onsite, which is pretty worth looking forward to. There were twelve people that advanced to the TCO19 QA Finals and only seven people came to the onsite event: codejam, julia_vladi, kiranmaroj, mishacucicea, moulyg, SATKAN and v.t .

TCO19 QA Finals included three phases: manual testing phase, bug hunt phase and bug hunt challenge phase. It was kicked off at 9:00 on Nov 15th, 2019.

In the manual testing phase, there were three test cases to be executed by recording videos  and logging bugs for any unexpected results in each step. The bug hunt phase was a normal exploratory testing phase – to find bugs for the Connect, which is a client-facing web application. The duration of the manual testing phase plus the bug hunt phase was two hours. Competitors were able to proceed to the bug hunt phase as soon as they completed all the test cases in the regression testing phase.

Unlike a normal bug hunt competition, there was an additional “challenge” phase for bug hunt which was fifty minutes long. Everyone could validate bugs from all others and get points depending on different validation results.

After the bug hunt phase ended, there were forty-seven new bugs created. Competitor v.t from Latvia led the bug hunt scoreboard by a big margin.

During the bug hunt challenge phase, codejam from Sri Lanka was validating the bugs very fast and got a lot of points.

While I was worrying about whether all bugs could be validated before 12:00, just one minute before the competition end signal was sent, all bugs were validated successfully. This is amazing!

Let’s wait for the review process finished and see who will be the winners!


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