November 10, 2021 The First Ever Topcoder Freelancer Fair

Topcoder Freelancer Fair where Industry leaders and talent are coming together to present information on how to shine in an interview, the future trends in tech, and an inside look into the world of a freelancer from all stakeholders. 

Ever wonder if you could be successful as a freelancer? What would it look like for you? Come and check out the Topcoder Freelancer fair to learn all about being a freelancer and more. In this 3 hour event:

  • Adam Moreheadwill be speaking on how Topcoder is using freelancers and the projected use of Freelancers and crowd. 
  • Interviewing tips from our favorite interview coach Lili Foggle of Impressive Interviewing.  
  • Tune in to hear from Manning Publishing authors Alexey Grigorev, Matthew Rudd, Madhusudhan Konda, and Reuven Lerner discuss the future trends of Python, Data Science, Mathematics in Coding.
  • We will close the stage portion with a panel discussion featuring industry professionals from all facets of the Freelance community, including client companies, Gig workers, Topcoder employees, and more. 

The event will be on Tuesday November 16th from 8:00 – 11:00 UTC-5. You can register for this event here, check what time that is for you here.

Topcoder Freelancer Fair is going to be an event not to miss, so make sure to register and post in the forum if you have any questions!

Gig Work Community Manager


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