November 17, 2021 TCO21 RECAP – MONDAY

On Monday of this year’s Topcoder Open week, the Development Final round was held. After this, we saw the Algorithm Semi Final round 2, during which the finalists were decided for the Algorithm Final round on Friday. Read up on the details of these two exciting competitions below!

You can watch the recording for this day’s event

Development Finals

During this round, the Development track finalists ChanKamWoeisbilirjiangliwuNightWolf and soso0574 battled it out against each other in the Development Final competition, which consisted of three different problems. The point distribution for the problems was 250-500-750, and the topics were API Development, Front End Development, and App Development with authentication and multiple user support. The problems were related to each other and they were concerned with implementing a Topcoder Trivia Game app through the three different challenges.

The contestants were free to use their chosen tools and languages to solve the problems. Expert commentary was given live by hi4sandy and mirzailhami during the event, who shared their expertise and provided comments on the competitors and their approaches.

Due to unfortunate power shortage issues, eisbilir had to stop competing during the round, forfeiting his chance for the championship. (This is sadly one of the negative possibilities during a virtual event.)

The leaderboard based on automated testing at the end of the competition was as follows:

Dev leaderboard

The results of the automated tester are to be considered preliminary and the final score will be determined by manual code review for the submissions. The final results for this round will be announced after the manual review at the Awards Ceremony next Saturday.

Algorithm Semi Final 2

The second Semi Final round for Algorithms consisted of three problems, with a 250-500-1000 point distribution. The problems had a range of topics from programming languages and implementation, to combinatorics and graph theory, and also combinatorial game theory. We were joined by expert hosts touristEgor and ksun48 who gave their live commentary on the problems during the event – with yours truly doing his best, mostly operating the sketch pad for them. The problems were reasonably difficult in the sense that there were no very fast submissions on any of them, and only one competitor solved the hard problem during the match. Both Petr and scott_wu made unsuccessful challenges during the Challenge Phase on krijgertje‘s 250-point problem, which eventually passed System Test also. The only submission to fail System Tests was SpyCheese‘s 500 point problem, but since he solved the 1000-point problem, he still won first place during this round. After the round, we were joined by multiple competitors who gave their comments about the competition and discussed their solution approaches – and even the problem author misof joined the stage to answer the competitors’ questions and participate in the live discussion!

The final results of the round are the following:

Algorithm leaderboard

And thus Spycheeseneal_wuHeltion and Petr are advancing to the Final round. Let’s wish good luck to our finalists!

What’s next?

Wednesday at 8:30 Topcoder time (UTC-5, that is) we’ll be back with our AMA game time and the First2Finish Finals!

Pentti Sunila

Guest Blogger


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