November 19, 2021 TCO21 Recap – Friday

On the sixth day of the 2021 Topcoder Open (TCO), we had the Design Final 2 where the final bracket for tomorrow’s concluding Final 3 was decided, and also the Algorithm Final round for the TCO21 Algorithm track championship title.

It’s been an intense week so far, with multiple Finals and Semi Final rounds for all the different tracks available at Topcoder, not to mention the fascinating Freelancer Fair held on Tuesday. Luckily we had the chance to collect ourselves yesterday, when there were no competitions run. Well-rested and prepared, we move onto the second to last day of this year’s Topcoder Open!

You can view the recording for this day’s event on Youtube.

Design Final 2

The second Design Final round determined the final bracket for tomorrow’s Final 3 event, where the ultimate winner for this track will be decided. We had Adam Morehead, aka our very own adroc giving live judging and results with Clinton Bonner and DaraK. The competition consisted of two rounds. In the First round, the competitors iamtongPereVikiwahyu.tsabedaverastarck181995nofearrajeshrathod and iaminfinite battled in the bracket style round head-to-head against each other on a design problem that required the creation of a feedback tool for Design Track competitions at Topcoder. From the upper bracket, PereViki and wahyu.ts advanced to the Finals. From the lower bracket, iamtong and rajeshrathod advanced to compete against abedavera, and iaminfinite in the second round, where they were tasked with creation of a design for a food recipe recommendation service, a cook-book app for tablet devices. Butter chicken time!

After a fierce round consisting of two 1-on-1 design duels, we had iamtong and abedavera advancing to the Final 3 event tomorrow.

View the final bracket here.

Algorithm Final Round

In today’s Algorithm Final round, the finalists ecnerwaltouristUm_nikACRushHeltionneal_wuPetr and SpyCheese battled it out against each other on three difficult algorithm problems. This time, the point distribution for the problems was 300-600-1000 and the topics ranged from game theory to combinatorics and computing theory and implementation. Live expert commentary was delivered by the veteran community members Egorksun48 and kuniavski – with yours truly once again giving his best operating the drawing pad for them 😉 Five submissions with close points were seen for the easy problem, and also equally many for the Medium one. No submissions were made for the Hard problem. The Challenge Phase, however, was interesting – three successful challenges were made for the Easy problem. The submissions that were challenged were those by SpyCheeseecnerwal and neal_wu.

You can view the problem statements at the following locations: 300 Point Problem600 Point Problem1000 Point Problem.

The scoreboard at the end of the round is as follows:


But we must remember that these are still only the preliminary results. The final results, after extensive System Tests, will be announced tomorrow at the final Awards Ceremony!

And next?

Now, all that’s left for this year’s TCO is the exciting Design Final Round tomorrow to decide the ultimate TCO Design winner – and of course the Awards Ceremony where all the final winners for each track will be announced! See you there!

Pentti Sunila

Guest Blogger


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