November 14, 2018 TCO18 Welcome Reception

The 2018 Topcoder Open has kicked off and brought  together our great finalists from all over the world at the Southfork Ranch in Dallas for 4 days full of adrenaline and excitement, tension and strength.
TCO is not just about the competition. It is about that first time you attend TCO and get to put a face on those handles, of the people you admire and follow and perhaps learned from. It’s about seeing those friends you made last year and making more great memories together. It’s about meeting the admins that you worked with, and discussing ideas and problems in a much faster manner than online. It’s about seeing how the TCO queen, Jessie, puts together an amazing event all for the community. It’s about knowing people from other cultures and discovering how diverse we all are, and still all brilliant folks, all connected by Topcoder.
Today was the kickoff of the show. We previously had TCO in various locations like Washington, Florida, Las Vegas, San Francisco, etc. This year was different –  a not so common location for a tech event: Southfork Ranch, Dallas. Because of this, at the entry of the ranch, there was a long horn that everyone could take photo with.

As soon as the finalists arrived you could see the joy of seeing each other again in their eyes and the conversations sparkled. This year we had members attending from 34 countries and it was great to see the excitement of everyone. Nick Castillo and James Cori are doing a live broadcast this year at TCO so they had short interviews with couple of members, right on the red carpet.

After socializing and taking dinner, the finalists were invited by Nick Castillo at the opening ceremony. Cendhika made an awesome video for the introduction of the event and then Adam Morehead took the stage and talked about how great the community is and their impressive achievements in the last 1 year: Topcoder ran over 15000 challenges and the members were paid 2.5 million dollars. Quite an achievement for the entire community!

Then came the turn of the members – as the stage is very big this year, all the members were  invited on stage and waved their hands or did other fun things during their presentation.

Shortly after that, the event closed and the members returned back to the hotel.Tomorrow is a big day, as the competition finals are starting. Good luck to all our finalists in the next days!

Feel free to check the other photos as we keep adding them:


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